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From: "Anne Gilbert" <>
Subject: Re: Lady Godiva Admired
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 19:06:27 GMT
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> The mamba being one of the most venomous reptiles known there is only one
> person whose mouth and style of writing could fit that bill. I will only
> give the initials S[pencer] H[ines}. He came out in sympathy with Malinda
> a message in which I was named with various unfavorable, impolite,
> adjectives. I, like so many others on the list, have experienced similar
> problems with the mamba in the past.
> I name him as a mamba because he has no rattles. You might consider that
> am a rattlesnake because I often do give warning prior to biting.

"The Dispenser" is worse than a mamba. A mamba can at least be credited
with trying to defend itself with its poisonous fangs(or else to seek its
dinner, however unfortunate that might be for the dinner). No such excuse
can be made for "The Dispenser," who is well known on other NG's for similar
inappropriate and idiotic behavior. On these lists, a good laugh is
generally had at his expense. Which is about the only way to handle him.
Anne Gilbert

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