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From: "malinda" <>
Subject: Re: Question on validity
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 19:27:47 -0600
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> We are extraodinarily lucky to have such good records in New England (the
> South isn't so good, unfortunately) that we can find a few (in my case,
> one) ancestors that can be linked back into medieval times.

In the South....most of the Court Houses were ransacked and burned by those
New Englanders who still have all their records as well as some Southern
Some of the records from Virginia are being sold back to the State of
by the descendants of those who took them away during the Civil War. Others
were used for kindling and other mundane purposes.

Is wiping out the history and heritage of a people an Anglo Saxon "thing" ?

I don't hold
> much hope of ever being able to do that with any of my ancestors who lived
> in 19th century Britain.
> (Of course, it could be wife is 1/4 Italian, and we have had a
> devil of a time getting anything on her ancestors prior to when they
> immigrated.)

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