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From: Renia <>
Subject: Re: Question on validity
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 04:45:06 +0200
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AGeorgeSand wrote:
> "If the evidence isn't there, then the evidence isn't there. That's how
> the British see it."
> If the evidence isnt there, you just havent found it yet, that's how I see it...
> an outlook that leaves more room for further searching, new ideas, & eventual
> success, dont you think?

Indeed, and people do this, in poor law records, settlement
certificates, bastardy bonds, and all sorts of other places. But some
ancestors just lived quiet lives and never got noted anywhere other than
the parish register, except of course, their potential entry is lost in
the Commonwealth gap, when no entries were made. And then you are stuck.
Which is YOUR William Carter?

> You have no idea how much impossible material Ive already found; Im sure
> you too, have found plenty of unfindable data... it's only impossible if you're
> not looking in the right place... but somebody may be looking there, & with
> a little luck, you'll meet them & they'll tell you about it, some day...

That is the point of one-name studies, for example. Names pop up in
other people's wills. "I leave to my servant, Mary Smith, 5s." The
problem is, of course, is to identify Mary Smith as the particular Mary
Smith you are looking for.


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