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From: "Jeffery A. Duvall" <>
Subject: Re: Gundred revisited
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 14:06:19 -0500
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I think it's also pretty safe to add Major Lawrence Smith to your list of
gateway ancestors who descend from Gundred -- unless there's been some new
development that proves he's not the son of Elizabeth Towneley Halstead
Smith and therefore descended from William I "the Lion" of Scotland.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Jeff Duvall

At 11:18 PM 1/1/03 +1100, Leo van de Pas wrote:
> > OK. I was just commenting on the content of the message. I don't know
> > old Gundred gal. Rough name for a lady anyway.
> >
> > Gordon Hale
> >
>Dear Gordon,
>I hope you are suitable ashamed of yourself admitting this, because she
>could well be your ancestor!!
>Anyway, she is an ancestor of
>Rosie Bevan
>Richard Borthwick
>Ian Fettes
>John Steele Gordon
>Malinda Jones
>Grant Menzies
>Tim Powys-Lybbe
>John Ravilious
>as well as of Donald Lines Jacobus and Gary Boyd Roberts
>the following Presidents
>1.George Washington
>3.Thomas Jefferson
>5.James Monroe
>6.John Quincy Adams
>9.William Henry Harrison
>18.Ulysses S. Grant
>22+24 Stephen Grover Cleveland
>23.Benjamin Harrison
>26.Theodore Roosevelt
>32.Franklin Delano Roosevelt
>38.Gerald Ford
>41.George H.Bush
>43.George W.Bush
>and presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry
>and the following gateway ancestors
>Robert Abel III
>James Alexander
>Essex Beville
>Elizabeth Bosvile
>Obadiah Bruen
>Elizabeth Bulkeley
>Martha Bulkeley
>Rev.Peter Bulkeley
>Edward Carleton
>Capt. Francis Champernoun
>Grace Chetwode
>Capt. Jeremiah Clarke
>Katherine Deighton
>John Drake
>Anne Dudley
>Rev. Samuel Dudley
>William Farrar
>John Fenwick
>Muriel Gordon
>Afra Harleston
>John Harleston
>Thomas Holford
>Anne Humphrey
>John Irvine
>Rev. Thomas James
>Joseph Kirkbride
>Mary Launce
>Samuel Levis
>Judith Lewis
>Mary Lewis
>Col. Thomas Ligon
>Nathaniel Littleton
>Robert Livingstone, the Elder
>Anne Lovelace
>Gabriel Ludlow
>Rober Ludlow
>Philip Mallory
>Anne Marbury
>Catherine Marbury
>Andrew Monroe
>Richard More
>James Murray (to Canada)
>Philip Nelson
>Thomas Nelson
>Mary Palgrave
>Dr. Richard Palgrave
>Sarah Palgrave
>Herbert Pelham
>William Randolph
>Major Richard Saltonstall
>Major Nicholas Sewall
>Grey Skipwith
>Maria Joanna Somerset
>Elizabeth St.John
>Col.John Washington
>Olive Welby
>Capt.John Whittington
>Rev. Hawte Wyatt
>and, of course, HM Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Diana Spencer, Sarah Ferguson,
>Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogard, Rachel Ward, Hermann
> and so on.
>Best wishes for 2003.
>Leo van de Pas
>Canberra, Australia.

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