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Subject: Re: Excerpts From Irish Newspapers
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 05:36:05 -0000
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Thank you, Ian. I knew you would have many, many more than 827.

He is MOST remarkable. <g>

And here is his web page:


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""Ian Fettes"" <> wrote in message

| FWIW, I show that Queen Elizabeth II has 12,866 lines of descent from Eva of
| Leinster, occurring between 23 and 35 generations through her daughters
| Maud, Isabella, Sibyl, Eva and Joan.
| Prince William has 49,870 lines by my count between 25 and 37 generations,
| thus picking up the ancestral links for Lady Diana Spencer.
| Ian Fettes
| Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
| (and I'm not that remarkable)
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| Subject: Re: Excerpts From Irish Newspapers
| > A check reveals that Queen Elizabeth II has no fewer than 827 lines of
| > descent from Eva of Leinster.
| >
| > I'll bet the remarkable Ian Fettes, who is far better at this sort of
| > thing than I, can find many more than that.
| >
| > I'll bet Leo van de Pas can too.

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