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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Re: Re-dating William Longespee's Birth
Date: 6 Jan 2003 08:11:34 -0800
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"D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote in message news:<Rc5S9.531$>...
> Clearly, he wants the naive reader to be deceived into thinking that he did
> research into original or proximal sources ---- rather than just piggy-backing
> or poaching off a newsgroup post, a conversation, a telephone call, an email
> or reading someone else's published article or manuscript.
> Tawdry and Tacky....
> D. Spencer Hines

Dear Spencer ~

Please don't disparage my recent phone conversations with Andrew
MacEwen. I endeavored to accurately report here what Andrew MacEwen
told me offline. Andrew has since been sent a copy of my posts, so he
is fully appraised of my comments. I have the highest regard for Mr.
MacEwen's work. Everyone else does as well. Andrew has helped all
of us at one time or another on knotty problems involving Scottish
medieval families. His numerous articles are extremely well written
and documented. Genealogy aside, he's also a very cordial and
pleasant man. Among other things, he was the person who dreamed up
the idea for the "Maine in 1790" series which I've found so helpful.
To know Andrew MacEwen is to like him. He's a prime candidate to be
elected a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists. Would that
there were more Andrew MacEwen's in our midst around here.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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