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Subject: Re: Origins of the Despensers - status report
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 11:55:48 -0500

Tuesday, 7 January, 2003

Dear Cris, et al.,

Another connecting piece to the puzzle:

The entry from the Leicester survey (ca. 1124-1129) which
states (see immediate prior post),

' H[undredum] de Chiburd'

‘.-In eadem villa xii. car. de feodo Ansch'. In alia
chiburd' Walt[erus] de Bell'campo xj. car., ..’

I find that Chiburd' evolved in time to Kibworth:

Chiburd/Chiburde -> Chyburd -> Shyburd -> Keeburth -> to
the 'modern' Kibworth, or two Kibworths:

Kibworth Harcourt, and
Kibworth Beauchamp

It would appear the 'alia Chiburd' of Walter de Beauchamp
referenced above in 1124/9 became Kibworth Beauchamp; how
well does that lend a hand in identifying Ansketil/Anschetil
of Kibworth (above) as a member of the Harcourt family?

Yet another avenue to pursue (seems we keep on coming up
with boulevards on this path...)

Good luck, and good hunting.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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