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Subject: Re: Complete Peerage Addition: New evidence for wife of William de Warenne, E...
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 06:37:06 EST

Wednesday, 8 January, 2003

Dear Douglas, et al.,

The chronology I show for the period concerning the likely
Earl of Arundel to father Maud, wife of William de Warenne
appears as follows:

1. William D'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, was born
1138 or later (the son of William D'Aubigny and
Adeliza of Louvain, dowager of Henry I of England).
He was styled Earl of Arundel from 1176/7 acc. to

2. William married Maud de Saint Hilary, 1173 or soon
thereafter. Maud (daughter of James de Saint
Hilary, of Dalling, Norfolk & c. by his wife
Aveline) was the widow of Roger de Clare, Earl of
Hertford (d. 1173) and the mother of the young 4th
Earl of Hertford, Richard de Clare, and his siblings.

3. William D'Aubigny and Maud de Saint Hilary are
(previously) known to have had a son William, who
succeeded his father as Earl of Arundel, and was
a supporter of King John in 1215 together with
William de Warenne (previously husband of Maud whom
you have identified). They also had a daughter
Agnes, identified by Todd in <Re: Albini/Aubigny Line>,
SGM, 21 May 2002.

Given the foregoing, it would appear that a daughter Maud
could likely have been born to William D'Aubigny and Maud de
Saint Hilary as early as 1174, but possibly well into the
1180's. William de Warenne was born in 1165 or later.

Maud D'Aubigny, eldest daughter of William D'Aubigny (d. ca.
1221) and Mabel of Chester, and eldest granddaughter of William
D'Aubigny and Maud de Saint Hilary, was coheiress (in her issue)
to her brother Hugh, Earl of Arundel (d. 1243). Her son Robert
de Tateshal succeeded to Buckenham, Norfolk as part of the
Arundel inheritance (CP Vol. I - Arundel, p. 239n).

It is then most likely that Maud D'Aubigny, wife of this
William de Warenne, was the daughter of the above William
D'Aubigny and Maud de Saint Hilary.

Best regards - and great find.

John *

* John P. Ravilious

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