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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Bastard Children of King Henry II of England
Date: 14 Jan 2003 08:32:33 -0800

Dear Newsgroup ~

Below is a list of the illegitimate children of King Henry II of
England taken from variety of sources. The list below includes one
new bastard daughter not seen on previous lists, namely, Maud Fitz
Roy, Abbess of Barking. Maud is a separate and distinct person from
her niece, Maud, illegitimate daughter of King John, who also served
as Abbess of Barking.

If anyone has any corrections or additions to the list below, I'd
appreciate it if they would post them here on the newsgroup.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Illegitimate child of Henry II, by a mistress, Ykenai or Hikenai _____
(she was living 1180/1) [Reference: Great Roll of the Pipe A.D.
1180-1181 (Pipe Roll Soc., vol. 30) ((1909): xxiv,64 ("mater G.

i. GEOFFREY FITZ ROY, born about 1153. As a child, he was put into
deacon's orders and made Archdeacon of Lincoln. In 1173 he was
elected Bishop of Lincoln at his father's request, which election was
confirmed in 1175. In 1182 he resigned his bishopric and was
appointed by his father Chancellor of England, which post he held
until his father's death in 1189. In 1189 he was nominated Archbishop
of York by his brother, King Richard I, was formally ordained a
priest, but was not consecrated in his office until 1191. Geoffrey
was zealous in raising money for his brother, Richard's ransom in
1193, which later led to a charge of spoilation and extortion by the
canons of York. In 1195 he was suspended for contumacy, but the
following year was restored to his office. In 1207 he disputed with
his brother, King John, about taxing church revenues for the royal
treasury. After issuing an anathema against the collectors and payers
of the tax, he fled overseas in despair. GEOFFREY FITZ ROY,
Archbishop of York, died at Notre-Dame-du-Parc (commonly called
Grandmount) near Rouen, France on or about 18 Dec. 1212. D.N.B. 7
(1908): 1018-1024 (biog. of Geoffrey, archbishop of York) ("...
"secular office in his father's service ... as Geoffrey's true
vocation ... [he possessed] an impracticable self-will and an
ungovernable temper"). D.M. Stenton, Great Roll of the Pipe
Michaelmas 1194 (Pipe Roll Soc., n.s., vol. 5) (1928), pp. xxviij,165
(his unnamed "sister" (sorori archiepiscopi) mentioned in 1194). D.
L. Douie Archbishop Geoffrey Plantagenet and the Chapter of York
(Borthwick Papers, no. 18) (1960) (Archbishop Geoffrey had a brother,
Peter, Archdeacon of Lincoln, who occurs c. 1191-1217). J.C. Davies,
Cartae Antiquae (Pipe Roll Soc., n.s., vol. 33) (1960), pg. 131
(Geoffrey styled "my son" (filio meo) by King Henry II). NEHGR 119
(1965): 94-102. C. Given-Wilson & A. Curteis, Royal Bastards of
Medieval England (1984), pp. 103-125,179. J.C. Holt, Acta of Henry II
and Richard I (List & Index Soc., special series, v. 21) (1986), pg.

Illegitimate child of Henry II, by unknown mistress, _____:

i. MAUD FITZ ROY, nun, appointed Abbess of Barking by her father, King
Henry II, about 1175, occurs 1198. Sir William Dugdale, Monasticon
Anglicanum 1 (1817): 437,441. VCH Essex 2 (1907): 120.

Illegitimate child of Henry II, by a mistress, Ida _____, presumably
daughter of Ralph V de Tony (died 1162), Baron of Flamstead, co.
Hertford, by Margaret, daughter of Robert, 2nd Earl of Leicester. Ida
later became the wife of Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, Magna Carta
baron (died 1221) [see note under LONGESPEE 3]:

i. WILLIAM LONGESP√ČE, Knt., Earl of Salisbury, married ELA OF

Illegitimate child of Henry II, by a mistress, Alice of France,
daughter of Louis VII, King of France, by his 3rd wife, Alice,
daughter of Thibaut IV, Count of Blois and Champagne. She was born
about 1160. Alice was longtime fiancée of King Henry II's son,
Richard (afterwards King of England), who voided his marriage contract
with her at Messina in Mar. 1190/1. She was restored to her brother,
King Philip of France, in 1195. She married at Meudon 20 Aug. 1195
Guillaume III, Count of Ponthieu. She was living 18 July 1218. W.
Stubbs, Chronica Magistri Rogeri de Houedene 3: 302-303.

i. unnamed daughter, presumably born in or after 1177, died in
infancy. L. Landon, Itinerary of King Richard I (Pipe Roll Soc.,
n.s., vol. 13) (1935), pp. 224-232 (citing W. Stubbs, Gesta Regis
Henrici Secundi Benedicti Abbatis 2 (1867): 160; W. Stubbs, Chronica
Magistri Rogeri de Houedene 3: 99; Cambrensis 8:232; E. A. Bond,
Chronica Monasterii de Melsa 1 (1866): 255-256). NEHGR 119 (1965):

Illegitimate child of Henry II, by a mistress, Nest, daughter of
Iowerth ap Owain, lord of Caerleon, by Angharad, daughter of Uchdrud,
Bishop of Llandaff: Nest later married Ralph Bluet, Knt. (died c.
1199), of Silchester, Hampshire and Lacock, Wiltshire.

i. MORGAN FITZ ROY, clerk. He was appointed Provost of Beverley in
1201. He was nominated as Bishop of Durham in 1213. He travelled to
Rome, but his election was quashed by the Pope. He died at Fountains
Abbey about 1217. Dict. Welsh Biog. (1959), pg. 638 (biog. of Morgan
ap Hywel). NEHGR 119 (1965): 94-102. P.C. Bartrum, Welsh
Genealogies, A.D. 300-1400 (1980) [Rhydderch ap Iestyn 1]. C.
Given-Wilson & A. Curteis, Royal Bastards of Medieval England (1984),
pp. 9-10,99,130,179. D. Crouch, William Marshal: Court, Career and
Chivalry in the Angevin Empire, 1147-1219 (1990), pp. 139-140,198-199.
N. Vincent, Letters & Charters of Cardinal Guala Bicchiere Papal
Legate in England 1216-1218 (Canterbury & York Soc., vol. 83) (1996),
pg. 55.

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