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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Plantagenet Bastards
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 06:28:39 -0000
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Great News, Leo!

And very gracious of you....

Thanks for sharing the news with us.

400,000 entries ---- that's quite impressive.

Built up over many years, I suppose.

D. Spencer Hines

Lux et Veritas et Libertas

Vires et Honor

""Leo van de Pas"" <> wrote in message

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| Subject: Re: Plantagenet Bastards
| > That's Wonderful, Leo!
| >
| > Can you tell us any more about your plans along those lines?
| >
| > Cheers,
| >
| > Spencer
| =====Well, in the past I have whined about what to do with my collection and
| asked for advice. In addition to that, my system is written in DOS which is
| fading as far as systems go.
| Still my main reason is that I have build up a data base over a very long
| time, and I am the only one having access to it. This in a way is a lot of
| wasted effort if the data is so under used.
| What we hope to achieve is that access is made available and 'on-line' I
| will be able to correct or add. No doubt I have mistakes, you found one not
| so long ago and, having a wider exposure, more will hopefully be found and
| corrected. There are still certain things to be sorted out and, I am very
| happy to say, two very knowledgeable people hopefully will make it all
| possible. One of the things that is going to be done is having the data
| transfered out of DOS and that is something I shudder about.
| In the beginning I thought it would take a year but that could well be
| shortened. We all have to wait and see.
| Best wishes
| Leo van de Pas

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