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From: Kay Allen AG <>
Subject: Re: Plantagenet Bastards
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:06:58 -0800
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Some of the documents as the various rolls have been translated and abstracted
for use by people such as you. Technically, these are secondary sources, but
do suffice for the purpose.

There are also various indexes, so you can order copies of documents from the
PRO or have a researcher do it for you.

But there are also scholarly secondary sources in the various periodicals. But
again the researcher has to locate them and get copies made. It requires

If one is unable to make this effort, the one must concede that one must do
without or rely on the kindness of others. But one must still take these
copies and do something with them, like analyze, understand significances, and
look some more.



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> writes:
> > Ive published the English origins of many New England colonists - Mr
> > Hines hasnt - so I think Im in a different group than him.
> >
> > Leslie
> >
> OK, you lose your membership. Don't send any dues, cause we'll just spend
> it.
> How can I research in "original" documents when they are in Britain, France
> or elsewhere and I am in the U.S. Unless I have misconstrued the phrase
> "original documents". To me that means the actual document, such as the
> Magna Charta, not a transcript nor a copy of any sort, and in the original
> language. Is this incorrect?
> Gordon Hale
> El Cuervo

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