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Subject: Sandford Orcas, ORESCUILTZ wasDomesday Essex - Humfrid Aurei Testiculi
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Hello Henry and List Members,

My name is Rita A GERRARD and I have just subsribed to this very interesting
and informative List. I live in Lancashire, England and am in no way an
expert, just a rather keen family historian since I was knee high...

I have a little information on the ORESCUILZ family from some sources I
noted about 40 years ago, hopefuly these may be of use.

From a small pamphlet published 1962 on "Sandford Orcas and the Parish
Church of St. Nicholas" the following extract gives:

"William theConqueror bestowed the estates of Brictric on Queen Matilda, who
gave Sandforda together with many other estates and lordships to HUMPHREY
CAMERARIUS, an officer of the King's Camera or Treasury. At the time of the
great Survey of Domesday in 1086, Humphrey was Lord of the Manor, which
consisted of about 800 acres and was valued at £9. 0s.0d.Humphrey's heir
was HENRY DE ORESCUILZ, member of a Norman family, who possessed lands in
Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. In ancient documents this name is
spelled sometimes as "ORIESCUILZ", sometimes as "DORESCUILZ", due
course Sandforda became Sandford-Orskuys, distinguish it from
several other Manors of the same or similar............ until more recent
times when Sandford Orcas became the accepted.....

Henry was succeeded by his son HELIAS who in turn was succeeded by his son
RICHARD, [an important man in the Parish Church history who presented ROBERT
DE ELY to the living ....reign of Henry III 1216.

The Two Manors

Richard ...left no issue, his only child EVA ..died in her mother's
lifetime.....Richard's two sisters MATILDA and ALICE were his two co-heirs
and the Manor of "Sanford" was held between them undivided, together with
the right of presentation to the rectory and parish church alternately.
between the holders of the two halves of the Manor on the question as to
whose turn it was to present to the vacant living

[Eventually the undivided property was, in fact, halved into two Manors,
Sandford Orcas and Jerrards]

Matilda, who inherited the "Jerrards" half, married WILLIAM FITZ JOHN of
Harptree, who presented the living to one ALBERTUS. An Assize Roll of 1242
tells us that "Albertus the parson of Sanford has obstructed a ....... path
and ... diverted a ....watercourse in the same vill..........

{Note; "The Descent of the Manor of Sandford Orcas" gives a most interesting
history of the Manor in the Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological
and Natural History Society for 1923. Fourth Series Vol. IX]"

Here ends the extract..NOTE. [...] are mine and {>>>} are from the Pamphlet.

From some notes I made in the 1960's I submit the following:

Source: Notes and Queries, Somerset and Dorset, Vol IV, p. 193.
"MAUD DE ORESCULY of Sandford Orcas married WILLIAM, the son of JOHN DE
HARPTREE of Harptree in this county who passed the manor in his rights and
transmitted it to his posteriy of whom were tthe GOURNAYS, DE LA MORES and
others. Maud was also Lady of Manor of Sharncot in Wilts, her father
RICHARD succeeded to the Manor in beginning of reign of King John."

Some references I made for future research on Sandford Orcas:

Exon Domesday.
Victoria County History of Somerset.
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, Inventory of the Historical
Monuments in Dorset, Volume I - West.
History of Somerset - Rev. John Collinson - 1791

Hope this is of interest.

PS, I do not have easy access to either Phelps or Collinson so cannot offer
anything further yet, The index of names in my two volume Hutchins does not
show it.



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Subject: Re: Domesday Essex - Humfrid Aurei Testiculi

> While searching through some films at my FHC this afternoon, I
> came across a 18th century pedigree which shows as an ancestor, "Maude,
> daughter of Helias, and sister and coheir of Richard Orescuiltz or Aureis
> Testiculis Lord of Sharnecote in the county of Wilts." Clearly I need to
> verify this, but it shows that descendants of this unusually named family
> may exist. I don't mean to be vague as to the source, but am needing
> citations before suggesting Maude's placement as ancestor to a well known
> family.
> Henry Sutliff
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> > This man is listed at DP:272. My Latin is somewhat rusty, but can his
> name
> > possibly translate to what I think it does?
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