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From: "l.akershoek" <>
Subject: DEVONSHIRE (X Wessex)
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 19:33:24 +0100
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Dear research-partners,

Who can help me in finding some more ancestors of:-

Aelftrud van Devonshire.
The little info I have, is as follows:

1 AELFTRUD VAN DEVONSHIRE, born between 945 and 947, died on November 17, 1000.
Aelftrud was married in the year 964 to EDGAR VAN WESSEX, born in the year 943, died on July 8, 975, son of EDMUND I VAN WESSEX and AELGIFU VAN COVENTRY. Edgar was widower of AETHELFLAED, daughter of ORDMEAR.

AELFTRUD's father was (?):
ORDGAR VAN DEVONSHIRE, for whom I do not have any further details, not even to whom he was married: the mother of AELFTRUD

Who will help me??

Kindest regards,
Leo Akershoek

My hobby?
Digging-up my dead relatives.

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