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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Fw: List of Bastard Children of King Edward IV of England
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:19:39 +1100

Talking about a lack-lustre performance, yes, we do expect better from
Richardson. We found he can't handle ES but now, it seems, he is unable to
grasp the rules of Gary Boyd Roberts's book "The Royal Descents of 500
Immigrants", but, maybe he should record "not read" when he mentions this
book. In this message below he indicates that he is aware of some of the
details in Gary Boyd Roberts's book, but it can't have sunk in.

In Gary Boyd Roberts's book on page 33 it is indicated that Edward IV was
the father of Elizabeth Plantagenet and she in turn is the mother of
Lumley, Lord Lumley. This Richard (see below) is the "only son" according
to Richardson of Elizabeth Plantagenet.

Strange though, on page 32 of Gary Boyd Robert's book we find that Edward
IV is the father of Elizabeth Plantagenet and she is the mother of Roger

Is Richardson going to admit that he did not check Roberts's book?
If only he spend a bit more time on his work, instead of trying to belittle
people like Spencer Hines and E. Williams. He admits to be aware of the
work of E. Williams but seems to take no notice of what the latter has
As Williams's book was published in the 1960s, I doubt he is in any
condition to defend himself against Richardson's remark.

If the below message is something to go by, how can we have faith in
Richardson's work? Such an obvious clanger.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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> Subject: List of Bastard Children of King Edward IV of England
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> > Below is a list of the illegitimate children of King Edward IV of
> > England taken from variety of sources. The list includes no new
> > names, but I've commented on additional evidence which appears to
> > prove the parentage of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Lumley. Gary Boyd
> > Roberts's useful book, RD 500, indicates that there are American
> > descendants of Elizabeth Lumley.
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> > If anyone has any corrections or additions to the list below, I'd
> > appreciate it if they would post them here on the newsgroup.
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> > Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
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> > List of illegitimate children of King Edward IV of England:
> >
> > Illegitimate child of Edward IV of England, by an unknown mistress,
> > possibly Elizabeth Lucy:
> >
> > i. ELIZABETH PLANTAGENET, married before 1477 THOMAS LUMLEY, son and
> > heir apparent of George Lumley, Knt., Lord Lumley, by Elizabeth,
> > daughter and heiress of Roger Thornton, Esq. They had one son,
> > Richard [Lord Lumley], and three daughters, Anne (wife of Robert Ogle,
> > 4th Lord Ogle), Sibyl (wife of William Hilton, Knt., de jure 9th Lord
> > Hylton), and Elizabeth (wife of Robert Cresswell). Descendants (not
> > traced).
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