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From: (Brad Verity)
Subject: Re: STRADLING of Dauntsey and/or St. Donat's
Date: 11 Apr 2003 12:01:08 -0700
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("John Higgins") wrote in message news:

> I'm trying to resolve conflicting ancestries for a segment of the Stradling
> family. Perhaps someone has access to better information and can help me.

I have copied the chapter 'The Rise of the Stradlings of St Donat's'
from Welsh historian R.A. Griffiths' 1994 book "Conquerors and
Conquered in Medieval Wales". If you don't have access to this book,
I'll be happy to fax you the chapter.

> Paget's ancestry of Prince Charles gives the following ancestors, starting
> at O28764:
> 1. Anne Stradling (b. 1459, will proved 21.I.1539) m. 13.XII.1487 Sir John
> Danvers of Culworth

This couple is not mentioned at all in Griffiths.

> 2. Sir John Stradling of Dauntsey (b. 1450, d. 1471)
> 3. Alice Langford

Neither is this one. Dauntsey was in Wiltshire, and Griffiths' focus
was on the Welsh branches of the 15th century Stradling family.

> 4. Sir Edmund Stradling (b. 1429, d. 1461)
> 5. Elizabeth Arundell

Here we go. "His son, Edmund Stradling of Winterbourne (c. 1429-61),
seems to have had little affection for Glamorgan and part of his
estates there, the great park at Coity, was granted away in October
1452. His interests were entirely English; he married Elizabeth,
daughter of Sir Renfrew Arundell, and in 1452-3 became sheriff of

> 8. Sir John Stradling of St. Donats
> 9. Joan Dauntsey [dau. of Sir John]

"Sir Edward had two brothers, both of whom successfully consolidated
the reputation and influence of the family, John in the west country
and William in Glamorgan. The former made a good marriage with Joan,
the heiress of her brother, Walter Dauntsey of Wiltshire, and widow of
Sir Maurice Russell of Dorset. They were married by July 1417 and to
her husband Joan brought a dowry from the Russell estates, including
lands in Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Glocestershire, as well as
the Dauntsey lands in Wiltshire; John himself contributed the manor of
Colwinston in Ogmore. He died about January 1435, apparently without
having distinguished himself in any significant office in England or
Wales apart from that of sheriff of Glamorgan in 1421 and 1423.

> 10. Renfrey Arundell of Tremodrat
> 11. Jane Coleshill [dau. of Sir John]
> Watney's ancestry of the Wallop family gives a somewhat different version:
> 1. Anne Stradling, 'the Lady of Dauntsey' (d. 29.XII.1539) m. Sir John
> Danvers of Culworth (d. 12.I.1514/5)
> 2. John Stradling [no dates]
> 3. Alice Langford
> 4. Sir Edward Stradling of St. Donat's (d. 1535)
> 5. Elizabeth Arundell (d. 1513)

"Edward Stradling came of age in the dying years of the fifteenth
century and entered the next one married to Elizabeth, daughter of Sir
Thomas Arundell of Lanherne in Cornwall. ... Sir Edward breathed his
last at St. Donat's on 8 May 1535, his wife having died in childbirth
twenty-two years earlier at the Stradling manor of Merthyr Mawr. On
the first anniversary of Sir Edward's death, his son Thomas brought
her bones from Merthyr Mawr and reunited them with her husband's in
the chancel of St Donat's church."

> 8. Thomas Stradling of St. Donat's (d. 8.IX.1480, aged 26)
> 9. Janet Mathew [dau. of Thomas]

"Although Sir Henry's only son, Thomas, had probably recently come of
age when news of his father's death [on 31 August 1476 on the island
of Cyprus] reached St Donat's, he did not live long enough to make a
mark on the history of his family or of Glamorgan. His name was
submitted for the office of coroner at the county court at Cardiff in
October 1477, but on 8 September 1480 he died in the Dominican Priory
in Cardiff. His wife, Jenet, daughter of Thomas Mathew of Radyr, was
transferred to the bed of Sir Rhys ap Thomas, doyen of the Welsh
adherents of Henry Tudor, and his bones to the chancel of St Donat's
church after the Dissolution."

> 10. Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanherne (d. 11.X.1485)
> 11. Catherine Dinham [dau. of Sir John]
> Both ancestries appear to have problems. The Arundell segment in Paget's
> version does not correspond with standard pedigrees of that family, while
> the Watney version seems chronologically unsound in the Stradling line
> (Anne's husband dies 20 years before her grandfather).
> Can anyone help to straighten out this confusion?

It seems the discrepancy is which Stradling/Arundell marriage did John
Stradling, husband of Alice Langford and father of Anne Stradling,
come from? By the looks of the chronology, he would fit better in the
Dauntsey branch of the Stradlings, and so was the son of Edmund
Stradling of Winterbourne (d. 1461), by his wife Elizabeth, daughter
of Sir Renfrew Arundell. So my guess is that Paget was correct, and
Watney seems to have confused the two 15th-century Stradling/Arundell

Hope this helps!

Cheers, ---------Brad

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