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Subject: Ancestry and descendnts of D. John Dee
Date: 05 Jun 2003 10:44:15 GMT

I noticed in a pile of papers that I'd neglected to post some of the
information I have on Dr. John Dee, Elizabeth I's close confidant. Some of his
descendants were merchants, etc., in Bohemia, Russia, etc.

It is interesting that he is likely a descendant of King Henry I of England,
Llywelyn ao Iorwerth (discussed frequently on this group), and most of the
early rulers of Wales. I'll chart a descent below:

1. Henry I, King of England
2. Robert, Earl of Gloucester, m. Mabel, daughter and heir of Robert Fitz
Hamon, Earl of Gluocester, by Sibyl de Montgomery, daughter of Roger, Earl o9f
3. William Fitz Robert, Earl of Gloucester 1147-83, captured with his wife and
son by "Ivor the Little" in 1158.

4. An illegitimate daughter married Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach, who d. 1211.
5. Nest m. Hywel
6. Rhys ap Hywel
7. Einion Sais, living 1271, [m.] Lleucu f. Hywel
8. Hywel m. Letis f. Cadwaladr
9. Llywelyn ap Hywel
10. daughter m. Gruffudd ap Cadwgon [see below]

11. Meurig m. Margred f. Gruffudd
12. Hywel Blaene
13. Ieuan Blaene m. Maud Wigmore
14. Efa m. Dafydd Ddu
15. Bedo Dee m. Efa f. Llywelyn Goch
16. Rowland Dee m. Jane Wilder
17. Dr. John Dee, m. (1) Catherine Constable, m. (2) Jane Forman

Descent 2:
1. Llywelyn ao Iorwerth, Prince, [m.] Tangwystl
2. Gruffudd ap Llywelyn, m. ["Rhanullt"] daughter of "Rheinallt"], King of Man
3. Gwladus [niece of Gwladys Ddu] m. Rhys Ieuanc, d. 1271, son of Rhys Mechyll
(d. 1244) by his wife Matilda de Braose, daughter of Reginald de Braose [not by
his second wife Gwladys Ddu, but by Grace de Briwere].
4. daughter m. Hywel ap Madog
5. Cadwgon ap Hywel
6. Gruffudd ap Cadwgon [see #10 above]

(Though Rhys Gryg, father of Rhys Mechyll, married a daughter of Richard de
Clare, Earl of Gloucester in 1219, she was not mother of Rhys Mechyll.)

Dr. John Dee's ancestry appears at Bartrum, Rhys ap Tewdwr 14(A).

The good doctor was quite proud of his ancestry, and two 'Genealogical Rolls'
he made of his ancestry survive among the Cotton Charters [British Library,
Department of Manuscripts] at xiii 38 and xiv i.

There are aparently two detailed accounts of his descendants which I have not
seen, which should be checked by those wanting to trace his descendants:

(1) H. B. Wilson, _Genealogical Account of the Descebndants of Bedo Dee_ *1815)

(2) H. B. Wilson, _History of the Merchant Taylors' School_ (1812-14), at pages

There is also apparently an account of the family in the Lacnashire and
Cheshire Antiquarian Magazine (1879) 1:213-17.

Dr. John Dee died indebted, at Mortlake, Surreyin 1608. I saw no probate
record in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury or Archdeaconry of Surrey, but we
do have a list of most of his children. He married his secod wife Jane Fremond
(b. 22 April 1555), daughter of Bartholomew Fremond, Esquire, of East Cheam,
Surrey [5 Feb. 1578 "sponsalia cum Jana Fromonds/5 Sep. 1578 "sponsalia"].

1 - Arthur, his son and heir, was born 13 July 1579 ["Mistres Blanche Pary of
the Privie Chamber his godmother" "Mystres Awbrey was deputy for my cosen
Mistres Blanche Pary"].

2 - Catherie Dee, b. 7 June 1581.

3 - Rowland, bp. 2 February 1582/3

4 - Michael"begone to be weaned" 21 Nov. 1583, d. 13 July 1594

5 - Mary [probably a daughter, as her chamber was mentioned in his diary]

6 - Theodore b. 28 Feb. 1587/8, d. Manchester 1601

7 - Madinia, bp. Mortlake 5 Mar. 1589/90

8 - Frances b. 1 Jan. 1591/2

9 - Margaret, bp. 27 Aug. 1595

10 - ?Anthony [mentioned in his diary]

11 - ? Nicholas

John Dee was supposed to have fathered 11 children.

His eldest son and heir Arthur was born at Mortlake 13 July 1579, and died in
September 1651, will PCC 183 Grey. He called himself a Physician, but was not
a member of the English College. He had attended Oxford University. He
married Isabella Prestwich, said to be daughter of Edward, and they had 7 sons
and 6 daughters, John Dee attending the Merchat Taylors' School in London
1632/3-6 and becoming a merchant in Russia. Arthur only mentioned 3 sons and 3
daughters in his will.

Many of Arthur's children were baptized at Manchester:

1 - Margaret Dee, bp. 6 Apr. 1603

2 - Jane Dee, bp. 4 Apr. 1605

3 - John Dee, bp. 2 July 1606, St. Giles Cripplegate, London

4 - Arthur, bp. 17 March 1607/8

? 5 - Edmunde, bp. 20 March 1609/10, St. Stephen Coleman Street, London

6 - Maria, b. 24 Feb. 1612

7 - Rowland, b. 8 Sep. 1613

8 - Isabel, b. 5 Sep. 1614

9 - Frances, b. 25 Oct. 1615

10 - William, b. 27 Aug. 1617

11 - John Dee, bp. 11 Apr. 1619, St. Andrew Undershaft, London

12 - Edmund Dee, bp. 27 Aug. 1620, bur. 23 Sep. 1621

13 - Anna, bp. 18 Oct. 1621

Rowland Dee, son of Arthur, also became a merchant, and had children baptized
at St. Martin Orgar, London, and St. Mary Woolnoth, London:
1 - Rowland Dee, b. bp. 14 Dec. 1644 [St. Martin], apparently died young
2 - Rowland Dee, b. 25 Mar. 1646, bp. 5 Apr [St. Martin], attended Merchant
Taylors' School 1658-61
3 - Jeane Dee, bp. 16 March 1648 [St. Martin]
4 - Arthur Dee, bp. 4 Nov. 1649 [St. Mary Woolnoth]
5 - Mary Dee, bp. 12 Jan. 1651 [St. Mary]
6 - Alexander Dee, bp. 8 Dec. 1653 [St. Mary]
7 - Duncomb/Duncan Dee, bp. 15 Nov. 1657 [St. Mary]

Duncan Dee was b. 3 Nov. 1657, attended the Merchant Taylors' School 1672-3,
St. John's College, Oxford, 1673, was Common Serjeant of the City of London,
defender of Dr. Sacheverell, etc. [DNB, etc.], and died in 1720, bur. St. Mary
Aldermary, PCC 132 Shaller.

If you get access to the two works by Wilson I reference above (which I haven't
seen), I would be interesting to know what they add.


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