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From: Matthew Harley <>
Subject: Re: BURNING THE BOOKS, Re: Alleged ancient Irish genealogies
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 22:17:12 +0100
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"V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr." wrote:

> St Patrick, would not have been "burning the books of the druids",
> unless there was some reliable preservation of information over
> long periods of time.

Evidence please of St. Patrick "burning the books of the

PLEASE, just one reputable source!

> We here have a connection between Celtic Britain and Latin Rome.

Now isn't that astonishing!

Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 50 something B.C. with
little success and Claudius invaded with more success in 40
something A.D.!
Ergo Britain (most of it) was part of the Roman empire for
some centuries thereafter!

Ireland was not part of the Roman Empire; and you cannot
extrapolate relations between the Roman colony of Britain
and the non-Roman colony of Ireland.

< delete the rest of this rubbish >

You are a poor deluded fellow. You seem to spend your life
generating this rubbish, yet you do not have the critical
faculties to tell what is rubbish from what is genuine

Matt Harley

P.S. If you send me $10000 dollars I will reveal the truth
to you ;-)

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