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From: "John Steele Gordon" <>
Subject: Re: RootsMagic 1.03
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:17:14 GMT
References: <>

""Rafal T. Prinke"" <> wrote in message
> "D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote:
> > I just want good Genealogy
> > Software at a reasonable price, from a sound company, with honest,
> > technically and managerially competent people working for it ----
> > indeed I insist on it.
> The program that does everything and has no limitations at all
> - but insists on a competent and intelligent user - is LifeLines.

Yes, but does the user have to be 1) competent, 2) intelligent, and 3) the
holder of a PhD from MIT in computer software engineering?

RootsMagic is very, very good in this respect. It doesn't assume the average
user knows more about computers than the average driver knows about
automobiles. How I wish the folks at Microsoft took the same approach with
Windows, instead of endlessly giving us those dialog boxes filled with
utterly incomprehensible jargon.


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