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Subject: Re: King's kinsfolk: Robert II, King of Scotland...
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Thursday, 14 August, 2003

Dear Nat,

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1 Richard de Burgh. Richard died bef 29 Jul 1326 in Athassel.
Occupation: Earl of Ulster 1271-1326.

3rd Earl of Ulster

abt 1280 Richard married Margaret de Guines.

2 Walter de Burgh. Walter died on 28 Jul 1271.
Occupation: Earl of Ulster.

Lord of Connaught; Earl of Ulster, 1266-1271

'Item Ob. dominus W. de Burgo comes Ultonie et dominus Conactie
prothdolor [sic] v. Kal. Augusti in die sanctorum Nazarii
et Celsi.' Annales de Monte Fernandi, 1271

ca 1257 Walter married Aveline FitzJohn.

3 Aveline FitzJohn. Aveline died ca 20 May 1274.

sister and coheiress of Richard, Lord FitzJohn

4 Richard de Burgh. Richard died bef 17 Feb 1242.
Occupation: Lord of Connaught.

Lord of Connaught 1206-1227; Justiciar of Ireland 1228-1232

bef 21 Apr 1225 Richard married Giles (Egidia) de Lacy.

5 Giles (Egidia) de Lacy. Giles (Egidia) died aft 1242.

her maritagium included 5 cantreds in Eoganacht: a fine of 21
April 1225 made by one William de Worcester obtained a mandate
to the Justice of Ireland to give seisin of certain lands,
'...salvo Ric'o de Burgo quinto cant'do scil cantredo de Joganach
Cassel que Walt's de Lascy dedit ei i maritagiu cu Egidia filia
sua; salvo dno Regi homag pdci Rici de Burg de tenemto qd de
dno R. tenet inf' pdcos cantredos.' [Excerpta I:128]

6 Sir John FitzGeoffrey. Sir John died on 23 Nov 1258.
Occupation: lord of Berkhamsted, Justiciar of Ireland.

of Shere, co. Surrey and Fambridge, co. Essex
created Justiciar of Ireland, 4 Nov 1245 (held office until 1256);
received from Henry III the manor of Whaddon, 14 Nov 1242, and
the cantred of the Isles in Thomond before 3 Sept 1254
2nd husband of Isabel le Bigod

aft 1229 Sir John married Isabel le Bigod.

7 Isabel le Bigod.

she m. lstly Gilbert de Lacy
2ndly Sir John fitz Geoffrey

8 William de Burgh. William died in 1205.
Occupation: Lord of Connaught.

William married NN.

9 NN.

wife identified in some sources as daughter of Domnall Mor O'Brien
(shown not to be mother of William's heir, Richard de Burgh)

10 Walter de Lacy. Walter died bef 24 Feb 1240.
Occupation: Lord of Meath.

of Meath, Ireland; Ludlow, Weobley and Ewyas, co. Hereford
Constable of Hereford Castle

' Walter Lacy', named as one of the 'faithful men...ordainers and
executors' of the will of King John, dated Newark, 18 October
1216 [Warren p. 255]

re: his wife, she founded the priory of Aconbury in memory of her

bef Nov 1200 Walter married Margaret de Braose.

11 Margaret de Braose. Margaret died aft 1254.

she founded the priory of Aconbury in memory of her mother

12 Geoffrey FitzPiers. Geoffrey died on 14 Oct 1213.
Occupation: Earl of Essex 1199-1213.

sheriff of Northampton, Essex and Hertford

Justiciar of England 1198-1213

he m. lstly Beatrix de Say,
2ndly (as 2nd husband) Aveline de Clare

bef 29 May 1205 Geoffrey married Aveline de Clare.

13 Aveline de Clare. Aveline died bef 4 Jun 1225.

she m. lstly William de Munchensy,
2ndly Geoffrey fitz Piers (2nd wife)

14 Hugh le Bigod. Hugh died bef 18 Feb 1224.
Occupation: Earl of Norfolk.

of Framlingham, Norfolk
3rd Earl of Norfolk; Surety of the Magna Carta

1st husband of Maud le Marshal

In 1207 Hugh married Maud le Marshal.

15 Maud le Marshal. Maud died on 27 Mar 1248. Buried in
Tintern Abbey.

eldest daughter and coheir of brother Walter, Earl of Pembroke

she m. lstly Hugh le Bigod,
2ndly William de Warenne (2nd wife)

her inheritance included the lordship of Chepstow, co. Monmouth

20 Hugh de Lacy. Hugh died on 25 Jul 1186 in Ireland.
Occupation: Lord of Meath.

of Meath, Ireland

companion of Henry II is his visitation of Ireland (landed at
Waterford, 18 Oct 1171)
received grant of the lordship of Meath

Justiciar of Ireland, 1172 - April 1173
summoned to Normandy, during the rebellion of the Young King,
April 1173
Justiciar of Ireland again, May 1177 - 1184

Hugh married Rose de Monmouth.

21 Rose de Monmouth.

or, 'Rohese'
first wife

22 William de Braose. William died in Sep 1211 in Corbeil, France.
Buried in Abbe St-Victoire, Paris.
Occupation: lord of Brecon.

of Bramber, Sussex
lord of Braose [Briouze], Normandy, of Abergavenny and Brecon;
lord of Limerick, in Ireland

received Kington, co. Hereford before 1195 (Sanders, p. 57)

acquired Tetbury, co. Glocs. :
' ...Tetbury was granted to William de Breuse
[Glos RO D566/T1/1; cf Rot. Cur. Reg. (Rec. Com.) ii 177],
possibly on his marriage* to Maud de St Valery, and was
confiscated in 1208 after his quarrel with King John.'
[*I can only think VCH should have said "in consequence of his
marriage", not "on his marriage", as that marriage must have
taken place long before c.1191] ' - C. Phillips

supporter of King John - captured Arthur of Brittany at Mirebeau,
1 Aug 1202

received grant of Gower in recognition of his services

suspicions raised against him; ca. 1208 he fled the King's will in
fear (his wife and son captured, imprisoned and allegedly starved
to death)

William married Maud de St. Valery.

23 Maud de St. Valery. Maud died in 1210.

probably had Tetbury, co. Glocs. as her maritagium (subsequently
granted to her husband William de Braose, most likely ' in
consequence of her marriage' - C. Phillips )

captured by royal forces in pursuit of her husband; held to have
been starved to death (together with son William) by order of
King John, 1210

24 Piers de Lutegareshale.

of Cherhill, co. Wilts.
1st husband

forester, possibly of the royal forest at Ludgershall Castle,

Piers married Maud.

25 Maud.

previously held to have been daughter of Geoffrey de Mandeville
(disputed, as investment of Geoffrey fitz Piers to Earldom of
Essex held to have been in right of his wife) - proven to have
been a misinterpretation, by Todd A. Farmerie

she m. lstly Piers de Lutegarshale,
2ndly Hugh de Bocland

26 Roger de Clare. Roger died in 1173.
Occupation: Earl of Hertford.

succeeded his brother as Earl of Hertford 1152-1173
1st husband of Maud de St. Hilary

Roger married Maud de Saint Hilary.

27 Maud de Saint Hilary. Maud died on 24 Dec 1193. Buried in
Priory of Great Carbrooke, Norfolk.

'Matildis de Sancto Jacobo'
heiress of Norfolk lands of her father.

'Her fee is entered separately in her husband's [Roger de Clare]
Carta in 1166.' DD, p. 690

she m. 1stly Roger de Clare,
2ndly William D'Aubigny

28 Roger le Bigod. Roger died bef 2 Aug 1221.
Occupation: Earl of Norfolk.

of Framlingham, Norfolk
2nd Earl of Norfolk
Steward of England

'comite Rogero Bigot' , witness to grant of Roger de Lascy,
constable of Chester, to his burgesses of Pontefract of free
burgage and the liberties and free laws which the king's
burgesses of Grimsby enjoy, 6 June 1194 [Boynton, citing
EYC I:209-211 - original in the possession of the mayor and
corporation of the borough of Pontefract].

Surety of the Magna Carta

Made gift of land at East Bergholt, Suffolk to Dodnash Priory.
Re: this gift, and the identification of the parentage of
'Countess Ida', mother of William Longespee, Douglas Richardson
' It is odd that Roger Bigod would have land in this place and
also that he would donate it to a Tony-related religious house,
unless his wife Ida were a member of this family.'

See also contributions by Paul Reed and others at SGM.

Roger married Ida (de Tosny ?).

29 Ida (de Tosny ?).

not married to Henry II (by whom she was the mother of William
Longespee, Earl of Salisbury)

subsequently married to Roger le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk

her identification by her son as 'the Countess Ida' was the primary
lead upon which further research has been based: she was, by
marriage, Ida, Countess of Norfolk.

Ray Phair provided the following information on 3 July 2002:
' As it turns out there is evidence that Ida countess of Norfolk
was William's mother. Among the prisoners captured at the
battle of Bouvines, Flanders, in 1214 was Ralph Bigod, described
as a brother of William (Longespee) earl of Salisbury [3].

[3] "Les registres de Philippe Augustus", ed. J. W. Baldwin, 1992,
miscellanea no. 13 " '

Her parentage as theorised (identification as the daughter of Ralph
de Tosny) is reasonable but unproven (see SGM posts by Paul C.
Reed, FASG, Douglas Richardson and others).

Note: gift of land by husband Roger le Bigod of East Bergholt lands
to Dodnash priory [East Bergholt being associated with the de
Tosny family]

See SGM discussions, 2000-2002 concerning this identification

30 William Marshal. Born abt 1146. William died in Caversham on 14
May 1219, he was 73. Buried in Temple Church, London.
Occupation: Earl of Pembroke and Marshal of England.

4th son (2nd son by 2nd wife)
knight of the household of the Young King (prince Henry) incl.
during his rebellion, following his death became a knight of the
household of King Henry II 1183. Attended Henry II at his death,
escorted body to interment at Fontevraud 1189.

Marshal of England upon death of brother, March 1193/94 ; Regent
of England 11 Nov 1216-1219 (supporter of King John)

supporter of King John at Runnymede, 1215.
'William Marshal earl of Pembroke', named as one of the 'faithful
men...ordainers and executors' of the will of King John, dated
Newark, 18 October 1216 [Warren p. 255]

3rd Earl of Pembroke; also lord of Longueville and Orbec (de jure

aft 6 Jul 1189 when William was 43, he married Isabel de Clare.

31 Isabel de Clare. Isabel died in 1220. Buried in Tintern Abbey.
Occupation: Countess of Pembroke suo jure.

heiress of her brother Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke

40 Gilbert de Lacy. Gilbert died aft 1163.

assumed name of de Lacy

received grant of de Lacy lands from Henry II

42 Baderon de Monmouth. Baderon died bef 1176.

of Monmouth castle, co. Monmouth

grantor to the Knights Hospitallers for the soul of his wife,
before 1166 (DD p. 591, citing Pipe Roll, 12 Hen II, 83-hf)

Baderon married Rohese de Clare.

43 Rohese de Clare. Rohese died bef 1166.

44 William de Braose. William died ca 1192.
Occupation: lord of Bramber and Brecon.

of Bramber, Sussex

William married Bertha of Hereford.

45 Bertha of Hereford.

2nd daughter and coheiress (carried lordship of Brecknock as her

46 Bernard de St. Valery. Bernard died ca 1191.

of Tetbury, co. Glocs., Studley, co. Bucks., and Beckley and Horton,
co. Oxon.

in 1166-7 he paid a fine for livery of Beckley and Horton [his father
then already being deceased]

made gifts of land to Oseney Abbey, 1182-1189
called Reginald in other sources (possible confusion with his son)

' In 1186 he was one of the signatories to the delimitation of the
county of Amiens, acknowledging that he held Saint-Valery as a
fief of Philip Augustus of France.' DD, p. 698, citing RRAN III,
no. 329

cf. VCH Gloucestershire 11:264 as to tenure of Tetbury

Bernard married Maud.

47 Maud. Maud died ca 1151.

probably lst wife (reference made to her as 'late wife' in gifts of
Bernard de St. Valery to Oseney Abbey, before 1190)

52 Richard de Clare. Richard died on 15 Apr 1136 in near Abergavenny
Occupation: lord of Clare and Tonbridge.

Lord of Clare

founder of the priory of Tonbridge
held erroneously to have been Earl of Hertford (see CP Vol III
-Clare, p. 243)

the assize of 1130 (Pipe Roll 30 Hen I) records:
" Essex.... And the same [Richard Fitz-Gilbert] owes 200m. of silver
for the help that the king gave him in connection with his debt to
the Jews."
" London and Middlesex....
Rabbi Joseph (Rubi Gotsce), the Jew, and Jacob and Manasseh
render account of 6m. of gold that the king will help them against
Richard Fitz-Gilbert in the matter of his debts...."

Richard married Adeliza of Chester.

53 Adeliza of Chester.

brought lands in Northampton and Lincoln as her marriage portion

captured at Abergavenny by the Welsh when her husband was slain,
15 Apr 1136; rescued by Miles of Gloucester

she m. lstly Richard de Clare,
2ndly Robert de Condet/Cundy

54 James de Saint Hilary. James died bef 1154.

of Dalling, Great and Little Carbrooke, Norfolk & c.
[CP Vol V -Essex, pp. 124-125]

seigneur of St. Hilaire du Harcouet

answered for his father's lands in co. Oxon, 1129/30 (DD p. 690,
citing Pipe Rolls)

gave 10 librates of land to the abbey of Savigny, 1138
(CP Vol VI -Hertford, p. 500n) (Sanders, p. 44)

James married Aveline.

55 Aveline.

56 Hugh le Bigod. Hugh died bef 9 Mar 1176.
Occupation: Earl of Norfolk.

of Framlingham, Norfolk
served as royal Steward under Henry I
created 1st Earl of Norfolk in Dec 1140

Inherited Yorkshire estates of Berengar de Toeni (Tosni) through
mother, including tenancy-in-chief in Lincolnshire and the
Norman lands at Conches and Tosny

Maternity of son uncertain according to some authors - charter
cited in CP Vol IX (Norfolk), p. 585n calls his mother 'the
Countess Juliana'

m. 1stly Juliana de Vere,
2ndly Gundred, presumed daughter of Roger, Earl of Warwick)

Hugh married Juliane de Vere.

57 Juliane de Vere. Juliane died bef 1183.

lst wife

evidently the marriage was annulled (Juliana's second husband,
Walkelin Maminot, d. in 1182)

60 John fitz Gilbert. John died bef 1173.

of Winterbourne Monkton, co. Gloucs.
hereditary Master Marshal

as John fitz Gilbert, attested charters under King Henry I

'John the Marshal owes £22 13s 4d for his father's office and land.'
Barlow (cites Pipe Roll, 31 Henr. I)

accounted for the daughter of Walter Pipard and his lands also in
1129/30 (DD p. 1029); repudiated first wife Adelicia/Adeline, ca.

rebelled against King Stephen, 1152 (son William given as a hostage)
also called John fitz Gilbert

he m. lstly Aline Pipard,
2ndly Sibyl of Salisbury

John married Sibyl de Salisbury.

61 Sibyl de Salisbury.

2nd wife of John le Marischal

62 Richard 'Strongbow' de Clare. Richard 'Strongbow' died in Dublin
on 20 Apr 1176, he was 46. Born ca 1130. Buried in Holy
Trinity (Christ Church Cathedral), Dublin.
Occupation: Earl of Pembroke.

of Cardigan and Striguil, and Chepstow, co. Monmouth
leader of English invasion of Ireland; Earl of Pembroke

Attested treaty between King Stephen and Duke Henry of Normandy
(later Henry II), 1153.
Landed at Waterford 23 Aug 1170 and captured same, then captured
Dublin and restored Dermot to throne.
Assumed kingship of Leinster until intervention of Henry II of
England, 1172 (received grant of lordship of Leinster in fee
from King Henry II)

' 1169. Ricardus Strangulensis comes [...]-mundum juvenem quendam
e familia sua cum 10. militibus circa calendas Maii in
Hyberniam praemisit, ipse autem cum 1200. militibus in
vigilia Sancti Bartholomei subsequebatur. Hic Ricardus
filius fuit Gilberti Comitis Strongulensis, id est,
Chepstowe, olim Strogull, et Isabelle matertere Malcolmi
regis, et Gulielmi regis Scotiae, et Spei David comitis,
postridie autem festi urbem caepit, ibique Dermitii filiam
in uxorem duxit. Murcardus [Murcardi?] filius Laginiae
principis [princeps?] ab Henrico auxilium petiit, cui fidei
sacramentum et vinculum servitutis praestitit Dermitius.'
Annales Hiberniae, A.D. 1169 [pp. 13-14]

'1171. Ricardus comes praemisit in Hyberniam Remundum circa calendas
Maias, cum equitibus 10. Sagittariis 70. is ipse in vigilia
Bartholomei subsequebatur ut predictum est; Weisfordiam vi
capit; Evam Dermicii filiam in uxorem ducit; recta Dublinum
contendit, urbemque expugnat. ' Annales Hiberniae, A.D. 1171

held lands as lord of Longueville and Orbec

ca 26 Aug 1171 when Richard 'Strongbow' was 41, he married Aoife
[Eva] ingen Diarmaid, in Waterford.

63 Aoife [Eva] ingen Diarmaid. Aoife [Eva] died ca 1189.

'Evam Dermicii filiam', Annales Hiberniae, A.D. 1171

heiress of Leinster
Styled Countess of Ireland, 1185; Countess of Striguil, 1186

80 NN.

father, name unknown

NN married Emma de Lacy.

81 Emma de Lacy.

identified as daughter of Walter de Lacy by T. Powys-Lybbe
(citing DNB)

84 William fitz Baderon. William died bef 1138.

of Monmouth castle

tenant in chief in Monmouthshire at Domesday Book, 1086:
the castle of Monmouth was held by ' William son of Wihenoc's brother
Baderon by 1086.' DD, p. 592

86 Gilbert de Clare. Gilbert died ca 1117.
Occupation: lord of Clare, Tonbridge and Cardigan.

Lord of Clare
lord of Ceredigion (Cardigan) by grant from King Henry I, ca 1110

'...domino Gileberto Ricardi filio, avunculi eius..' (mortuary roll
of Abbot Vitalis of St. Swithin's, Winchester - as uncle of Meen
de Fougeres)

Gilbert married Adeliza de Clermont.

87 Adeliza de Clermont.

also Alice

88 Philip de Braose. Philip died bef 1156.
Occupation: lord of Bramber.

of Bramber, Sussex

conquered Radnor and Builth in Wales, ca. 1093

arrested for treason and deprived of his lands by Henry I, 1110;
pardoned and restored to his lands, 1112

Philip married Aenor de Totnes.

89 Aenor de Totnes.

name given in some sources as Aenor

coheiress of her father: from the holdings of her descendants, it
is evident these included Barnstaple and Totnes, Devon
(or a moiety thereof)

90 Miles fitz Walter. Miles died on 24 Dec 1143. Buried in chapter
house of Llanthony priory.
Occupation: Earl of Hereford.

Constable of England
hereditary Sheriff of Gloucester; received in 1121 with Sibyl de
Neufmarche 'all the lands of her father and mother after their
death or before if they so willed it', including the lordship of
Joined the Empress Matilda in 1139, created by her Earl of Hereford
on 25 July 1141
enfeoffed by Brian fitz Count with the castle and honour of
Abergavenny by the service of 3 knights' fees, 1141/2 (Sanders,
p. 7)

bef 29 May 1121 Miles married Sibyl de Neufmarche.

91 Sibyl de Neufmarche. Sibyl died aft 24 Dec 1143. Buried in
chapter house of Llanthony priory.

brought lordship of Brecknock to her husband

92 Reginald de St. Valery. Reginald died bef 1168.

of Tetbury, co. Glocs.

seneschal of Normandy, 1146- 1153

he received a grant of Beckley, co. Oxon. and other lands of the
d'Ivry family (escheated to the crown) from King Henry I, before
1135(Sanders, pp.9-10)
lands forfeit under King Stephen due to support of Matilda; restored
by King Henry II, as the honour of St. Valery

benefactor of nunnery at Fontevraud with son Bernard before 1154

made a gift of the church of Northleigh ['Legis'], co. Oxon. to the
monks of St. Mary of Eynsham
' salute Henrici regis & A. regine & liberorum suorum, & pro
mea & Bernardi filii mei salute & pro animabus patris & matris
mee & antecessorum & benefactorum meorum...', ca. 1154-61
[Salter I: 131]

a crusader; fought at the siege of Caesarea, 1158
given custody of the castle of Harenc by King Baldwin (DD p. 698,
citing Robert de Torigni)

he d. shortly after 1164, acc. to K. Keats-Rohan
[his son Bernard fined for having livery of his father's lands
in Horton and Beckley, 1167/8]

* said by Hollister to have supported William II ('Rufus'), King of
England against his brother Robert, 1091 - either very young at the
time, or confusion for a near relation [using his name instead of
his father's, perhaps] (p. 69)

104 Gilbert de Clare. Gilbert died ca 1117.
Occupation: lord of Clare, Tonbridge and Cardigan.

Lord of Clare
lord of Ceredigion (Cardigan) by grant from King Henry I, ca 1110

'...domino Gileberto Ricardi filio, avunculi eius..' (mortuary roll
of Abbot Vitalis of St. Swithin's, Winchester - as uncle of Meen
de Fougeres)

Gilbert married Adeliza de Clermont. [see #86 above]

105 Adeliza de Clermont. [see #87 above]

also Alice

106 Ranulf III of the Bessin. Ranulf III died ca 1129. Buried in
St. Werburg's, Chester.
Occupation: viscount of the Bessin and the Avranchin;
Earl of Chester.

also styled Ranulf le Meschin

commander of the first wing (army of Henry I) at
battle of Tinchebrai, 28 Sept 1106

held 'extensive lands in Cumberland' , which he
surrendered to Henry I upon his receiving the
earldom of Chester, 1121

Earl of Chester and vicomte of the Avranchin 1121-1129 (successor to
cousin Richard of Avranches, d. 1120 in the White Ship)

Ranulf III married Lucia of Alkborough.

107 Lucia of Alkborough. Born ca 1070. Lucia died in 1141, she was

heiress of Alkborough, co. Lincs. & c.

also known as 'Lucy of Bolingbroke'

she m. lstly Ivo Taillebois,
2ndly Roger fitz Gerold,
3rdly Ranulf of the Bessin

widow of Roger Fitz Gerold, and mother of William de Roumare, earl
of Lincoln

identified by K. S. B. Keats-Rohan as the daughter and heir of Turold
the Sheriff [confirming suggestion by R. E. G. Kirk in 'The
Countess Lucy' :The Genealogist, n.s. 5 (1888)], noting several
pieces of evidence including:
'A revealing phrase from the Register of Spalding Priory
reads: 'mortuo quia dicto Thoraldo relicta sibi herede Lucia
predicta' [at his death Turold left an heir, the aforesaid Lucy].

the Pipe Roll of 30 Hen I records:
" Lincolnshire...
Lucy, countess of Chester, renders account of £266. 13s. 4d.
for the land of her father. In the treasury £166. 13s. 6d.
And she owes £100; also 500m. of silver that she need not
take a husband inside five years. And the same countess
renders account of 45m. of silver for the same agreement,
to be given to whom the king pleases. To the queen 20m.
of silver. And she owes 25m. of silver. And the same
lady owes 100m. of silver that she may hold justice in
her court among her own men.... "

108 Harscoit de Saint Hilary. Harscoit died aft 1121.

of Field Dalling, Norfolk and Tansor, co. Northants.

seigneur de St. James et St.-Hilaire-du-Harscouet, Brittany
[his lands absorbed by Normandy before 1090 - DD, p. 689]

'Harscoit vicecomes', witness to a charter from William, count of
to Sainte-Trinite de Fougeres before 1106 (DD p. 689, citing Chartes
de Fougeres, no. x)

112 Roger le Bigod. Roger died in Sep 1107.

of Earsham, Suffolk (held of Bishop Stigand), ca 1071;
sheriff of Norfolk and possibly Suffolk, at time of Domesday Book,

Roger married Adeliza de Tosny.

113 Adeliza de Tosny. Adeliza died aft 1135.

sister and co-heiress of Berengar de Toeni (Tosni), succeeding to
Belvoir after c. 1115/1118
2nd wife

114 Aubrey de Vere. Born bef 1090. Aubrey died in London (slain in
riot) on 15 May 1141, he was 51. Buried in Colne Priory, Essex.
Occupation: chamberlain of England 1133-1141.

of Great Addington and Drayton, Northants.
held manor of Twywell, Northants. of the Abbot of Thorney
sheriff of London and Middlesex 1121
given grant of hereditary title of Master Chamberlain of England by
Henry I, July 1133
joint sheriff with Richard Basset of Surrey, Cambridge, Hunts.,
Norfolk, Suffolk, Bucks. and Bed. from 1129

Aubrey married Adeliza de Clare.

115 Adeliza de Clare. Adeliza died ca 1163 in St. Osyth's Priory
(a nun).

died a nun, St. Osyth's Priory

120 Gilbert Giffard. Gilbert died bef 1130.

of Winterbourne Monkton, co. Gloucs. at Domesday Book, 1086

"..Gilbert the king's marshal."

"Norman, Domesday tenant of Glastonbury Abbey,
identified in the Tax Return for Selkley Hundred. He
occurs in Winton Domesday (p. 44, no. 63)..."

122 Walter fitz Edward. Walter died in 1147 in Bradenstoke, Wilts.
(d. a monk).

of Chitterne, co. Wilts.
sheriff of Wiltshire; founder of priory of Bradenstoke, Wilts.

Retired as a canon of Bradenstoke, d. and buried there 1147

Walter married Sibyl de Chaworth.

123 Sibyl de Chaworth.

124 Gilbert de Clare. Gilbert died ca 6 Jan 1147. Buried in Tintern
Occupation: Earl of Pembroke.

lord of Cardigan and Striguil; inherited Bienfaite and Orbec
(Normandy); received lordship of Pembroke (forfeited by Arnulf
de Montgomery) ca 1136

inherited Chepstow, co. Monmouth from uncle Walter fitz Richard, 1138

created Earl of Pembroke 1138 by King Stephen
Generally supporter of Stephen, except during rebellion over
confiscated estates of nephew Gilbert of Hertford 1147

Gilbert married Isabel de Beaumont.

125 Isabel de Beaumont. Isabel died aft 1171.

one-time mistress of Henry I of England (CP Vol VII -Leicester)

'...Isabelle matertere Malcolmi regis, et Gulielmi regis Scotiae,
et Spei David comitis,..' [Annales Hiberniae, A.D. 1169]

126 Diarmaid mac Murchad. Diarmaid died ca 1 May 1171.
Occupation: King of Leinster.

also known as 'Dermot MacMurrough'
last Irish King of Leinster (and clan chief of Ua Cennselaigh).
Restored to his throne by son-in-law Richard 'Strongbow, 1170

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