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From: Matthew Harley <>
Subject: Re: An honest question, Re: Annalistic Writing - Ancient Ireland:
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 19:55:28 +0100
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"Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr." wrote:
> I consider records that have survived to
> the present day, prior to A.D. 1500,
> (that are "authentic", medieval
> and before), from the standpoint of one
> doing responsible archaeological research.

Could you try English please?

> Like the "archaeological record, that is,
> in situ archaeological material and sites,
> archaeological collections, records and reports,"
> the surviving genealogical record
> "is irreplaceable."

Is is of zero genealogical value if the "record" was
invented hundreds of years after the person is supposed to
have existed, if he/she ever did.

It's simple: Do you believe all the historical references
you find in "authentic" medieval documents?

The problem is that you do, and then try to foist this
nonsense on everybody else!

Matt Harley

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