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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Re: CP Addition: Alice de l'Aigle, Isabel de Warenne, and Richard Fitz Roy
Date: 2 Sep 2003 18:44:25 -0700
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Dear Newsgroup ~

For interest sake, I've listed below the names of the colonial
immigrants who descent from Richard Fitz Roy (otherwise Richard de
Warenne, Richard de Chilham) (died 1246), the illegitimate son of King
John of England.

l. Robert Abell.

2. Dannett Abney.

3. Elizabeth Alsop.

4. William Asfordby.

5. Barbara Aubrey.

6. Christopher Batt.

7. Henry & Thomas Batte.

8. Anne Baynton.

9. Essex Beville.

10. William Bladen.

11. George & Nehemiah Blakiston.

12. Joseph Bolles.

13. Thomas Booth.

14. Elizabeth Bosvile.

15. George, Giles & Robert Brent.

16. Obadiah Bruen.

17. Stephen Bull.

18. Charles Calvert.

19. Edward Carleton.

20. Kenelm Cheseldine.

21. Grace Chetwode.

22. Jeremy Clarke.

23. St. Leger Codd.

24. Henry Corbin.

25. Francis Dade.

26. Humphrey Davie.

27. Jane, Frances, & Katherine Deighton.

28. Edward Digges.

29. Thomas Dudley.

30. John Fenwick.

31. John Fisher.

32. Edward Foliot.

33. Muriel Gurdon.

34. Mary Gye.

35. Elizabeth & John Harleston.

36. Jane Haviland.

37. Warham Horsmanden.

38. Anne Humphrey.

39. Mary Launce.

40. Samuel Levis.

41. Thomas Ligon.

42. Henry, Jane & Nicholas Lowe.

43. Gabriel, Roger & Sarah Ludlow.

44. Agnes Mackworth.

45. Roger & Thomas Mallory.

46. Anne & Katherine Marbury.

47. Elizabeth Marshall.

48. Anne Mauleverer.

49. Joseph & Mary Need.

50. John Nelson.

51. Philip & Thomas Nelson.

52. Ellen Newton.

53. Thomas Owsley.

54. John Oxenbridge.

55. Herbert Pelham.

56. Robert Peyton.

57. George Reade.

58. William Rodney.

59. Katherine Saint Leger.

60. Richard Saltonstall.

61. William Skepper.

62. Diana & Grey Skipwith.

63. Maria Johanna Somerset.

64. John Stockman.

65. John & Lawrence Washington.

66. John West.

67. Thomas Wingfield.

68. Mary Wolseley.

(Douglas Richardson) wrote in message news:<>...
> Dear Newsgroup:
> Complete Peerage 7 (1929): 676-680 (sub Lincoln) has a good account of
> the life of John de Lacy (died 1240), Earl of Lincoln. According to
> this account, John de Lacy married (1st) Alice, "daughter of Gilbert
> de l'Aigle." The editor indicates that Alice died without issue "and
> was buried at Norton." The source given for this information is an
> unpublished Cotton Manuscript.
> Elsewhere, Early Yorkshire Charters, 8 (1949): 233?234 gives a charter
> for William de Warenne (died 1240), 6th Earl of Surrey, in which he
> mentioned his deceased niece, Alice, buried at Norton Priory, co.
> Chester. The editor, Mr. Clay, supposes that Alice was perhaps a
> daughter of Earl William's sister, Ela.
> However, Earl William de Warenne's niece, Alice, buried at Norton
> Priory is surely identical with John de Lacy's 1st wife, Alice de
> l'Aigle, who is also known to have been buried at Norton Priory.
> Specifically, Early Yorkshire Charters 8 (1949): 21?22 shows that Earl
> William de Warenne had a sister, Isabel de Warenne, who married (1st)
> Robert de Lacy (died 1193) and (2nd) Gilbert de l'Aigle (died 1231).
> The evidence indicates that Isabel evidently had no living legitimate
> children by either marriage at her death in 1234. However, it
> appears that she was the mother of at least one daughter by her 2nd
> marriage to Gilbert de l'Aigle, namely Alice de l'Aigle, who married
> John de Lacy, which Alice predeceased Isabel. Alice's death date is
> not known, but she must have died prior to 21 June 1221, by which date
> John de Lacy was already married to his 2nd wife, Margaret de Quincy.
> As for Norton Priory, the Lacy family were patrons of this religious
> house which explains why Alice de l'Aigle was buried there.
> In a related vein, it is known that a sister of William de Warenne,
> 6th Earl of Surrey (died 1240), had an illegitimate son, Richard, by
> King John. This Richard was usually styled Richard Fitz Roy in his
> life time, but he also appears in records as Richard de Warenne and as
> Richard de Chilham. Richard first surfaces in the year, 1214, by
> which date, he married his wife, Rose de Dover. The identity of
> Richard's mother has never been ascertained. However, inasmuch as he
> named a daughter, Isabel, it seems a good possibility that his mother
> was William de Warenne's sister, Isabel de Warenne, wife of Robert de
> Lacy and Gilbert de l'Aigle. Richard has many modern descendants,
> including many people who post on this newsgroup. If a link can be
> shown to exist between Richard Fitz Roy and Isabel de Warenne, I think
> it would be a good indication that she was Richard's mother.
> The evidence that Richard Fitz Roy's mother was a Warenne comes from
> the Chronicle of Robert of Gloucester, which states:
> "? Sir Richard Fitz le Rei ? he were a bast ibore [baseborn] Vor the
> erles daughter of Wareine is gode [good] moder was, And is fader the
> king John")
> Also, I find that Curia Regis Rolls, 16 (1979): 232, refers to Richard
> as "Ricardus de Warenn' filius regis Johannis" [Richard de Warenne son
> of King John].
> Further evidence that he was King John's illegitimate son can be found
> in Calendar of Liberate Rolls, 1 (1916): 60; 2 (1930): 136, where
> Richard de Chilham (or Chyleham) is styled "king's brother" [i.e.,
> brother of King Henry III of England].
> Special thanks go to Maryan Egan-Baker of Salt Lake City for her help
> and assistance in identifying Alice, the niece of William de Warenne.
> As a professional genealogist, Maryan often does research in the
> Channel Island records. If anyone needs work done in that locality,
> I'll be glad to provide you with Maryan's contact information. Maryan
> is a delightful person and a wonderful researcher. She's well liked
> by all who know her.
> Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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