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Subject: Re: King's Kinsfolk: More on Fieschi Family of Genoa
Date: 12 Sep 2003 00:49:09 GMT
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Of the Italian ancestry of Jaime/James II, King of Aragon, we have the obvious
link through Savoie, and a more obscure link through Manfredo Lancia.

1. Tommaso I of Savoie
2. Amadeo IV
3. Béatrice de Savoie, m. Manfredo, King of Scicily (son of Emperor Friedrich
II by Bianca, daughter of Manfredo Lancia).
4. Constance of Scicily, m. Pedro III
5. Jaime II

To Edward I, we have

1. Tommaso I of Savoie
2. Béatrice de Savoie, m. Raimond Berengar
3. Eleanor of Provernce, m. Henry III
4. Edward I

Béatrice di Fieschi married Tommaso II (son of Tommaso I) of Savoie. If her
mother or grandmother were a closely related Savoie, that would be an unlikely
marriage. I agree that if the relationship was through the Savoie family,
rather than because of the marriage between Béatrice di Fieschi and Tommaso II
of Savoie, it would have to be through Lionetta (wife of Niccolo di Fieschi),
mother of Luca and Carlo di Fieschi.

Doug, is the name Brumisan, wife of Ugolino, the way it was spelled in the text
of Foedera (and again, what exactly does the text say)?


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