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Subject: Re: Possible correction to St. John-Whiting ancestry
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 16:12:15 EDT


I found Nicholas Browne's will in the PRO PCC wills. It is dated 1607 or 9
or something like that. A search ot the PRO site will give it, he is shown as
of Polebrooke, ref 11/112. I have downloaded it and have had a quick look
through, for some reason he had an interest in Shalford, Surrey just around the
corner from me. He mentions his wife ffrancis and his sons Samuel and John,
but nothing about daughters that I can see, indeed, if both sons should die
without issue then his property to his brother (Anthony I think). If you want to
pay the £3 fee, you might like to check through it, otherwise I will post
anything I find of interest in a few days, when I have had a chance to go through
it more thoroughly.

in haste, regards

> | > "BROWNE, SAMUEL (d 1668) judge, was the son of Nicholas Browne of
> | > Polebrooke, Northamptonshire, by Frances, daughter of Thomas St. John,
> | > third son of Oliver St. John, [Lord Bletsoe, and a first cousin of
> | > Oliver St. John,] chief justice of the common pleas during the
> | > protectorate. ..."
> Thank you Adrian....
> That is a paraphrase from DNB for the entry on Samuel Browne?
> What intrigues me is the Nicholas Browne, from Northants, married to a
> Frances
> St. John.
> Then we have a Richard Washington, from Northants, son of a gentleman,
> Lawrence Washington, married to a Frances Browne in 1627.
> Deus Vult.

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