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From: Barbarossa <>
Subject: Re: "I'm Being Deluged By Emails"
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 17:42:01 GMT
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(Francisco Antonio Doria) wrote:

> I'm being deluged by virus-laden emails too since
> yesterday. I use webmail to protect myself, plus a
> mac, but it's tiresome to clean up my mailbox all the
> time.


Chico, what Mac-OS are you using? The in Mac OS-X
has an adaptive spam filter (as do many third party e-mail
apps.) Set correctly, spam will be deleted before you even see
it. On my old Mac at home (Mac OS 9.2.1) I am getting a least
600 per day. My server ( ) quarantines them, but I
still get a notice.

Many spam filters also include "key word" filters - Viagra,
Nigeria, Microsoft, &c. Of course, by adding "Microsoft" to the
filter's key word list you would not receive this e-mail!

That's why I always spell it 'Micro$oft' . ;^)

_____________B_a_r_b_a_r_o_s_s_a____________ ;^{>
Wayne B. Hewitt Encinitas, CA

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