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From: Barbarossa <>
Subject: Re: "I'm Being Deluged By Emails"
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 15:10:18 -0700
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("Phil Moody") wrote:

> "Barbarossa" wrote:
> > Chico, what Mac-OS are you using? The in Mac
> > OS-X has an adaptive spam filter (as do many third party
> > e-mail apps.) Set correctly, spam will be deleted before you
> > even see them.

> PLM: It appears that OE 6 offers it's users more flexibility
> than your Mac e-mail software. I can specify where it is to
> look for keywords; such as the Subject line, or the body of
> the text. If it finds a keyword, I can have it automatically
> delete it from my server without ever seeing it, nor backing
> up my mail server. I can use these filters on my Mail and News
> Reader.

Barbarossa: in Mac OS-X will do all that, too; it has all of
those manual settings. I've just be using it in the training
mode: I see Junk, I mark it Junk. After a while you set it to run

> Furthermore, I can set OE 6 to Download all my Mail without
> Opening a single post until I choose to do so. ...&c...


Same here, although I'm not sure either OE 6 or Mail actually
deletes the message from the server. I know the antique Netscape
3.04 had that option, but only after you downloaded.

> It would not be prudent for me to filter Microsoft; since I
> get real mail from them.

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Wayne B. Hewitt Encinitas, CA

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