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From: Leo van de Pas <>
Subject: Re: Place names
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 21:25:37 +1000
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Dear Tim,
Imagine, you are born in 1961 in Leningrad----what do you do?

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Subject: Re: Place names


For my own database, I just use the modern names and locations. This
avoids the headaches Leo mentioned, and I don't have to keep track of
the umpteen times a city changed ownership from one territory to
another. Furthermore, if the same location is consistently referred to
in an unique way throughout your database, that'll ensure efficiency
while doing searches. If consistency is required, might as well opt for
modern usage.

For example, I entered all events in Constantinople under "Istanbul,
Turkey" even for events before the Turks come onto the scene. This may
sound anachronic, but when I search for events in "Istanbul, Turkey",
it also returns what could have been put under "Constantinople" and
"Byzantium". Rouen goes under "Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France", even
though Seine-Maritime was unheard of in Rollo's day. In the case of
Mercia, which does not exist today as a geographical entity, I would
either try to refine it to a city, or simply enter "Mercia".

I don't think there is a *correct* way of doing this. It's just a
matter of personal choice really. Good luck for your cleaning out.

Tim Robb
Antibes, France

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écrit :

> Dear list:
> I am still cleaning out files.......I think I'll still be cleaning out
> files when I'm 146 years old. But I am determined to get this right
> and have things consistent in my database. So....more questions.
> What is the correct way to write place names during the medieval
> period? For instance, is it correct to say "Rouen, Normandy, France"
> or is the correct listing simply "Rouen, Normandy"? Is it correct to
> write "Hainault, Belgium"?
> "Mercia, England"?
> I guess what I need to know is when is it correct to include the name
> of the modern countries (England, France, German, Belgium, whatever)
> in a place name. Not being familiar enough with medieval history---I
> am studying though--I am not sure of the dates that each of these
> countries became solidified as nations.
> Is there a really good on-line medieval atlas that could help me or
> can someone recommend good books to order from the inter-library loan?
> Thank you for all of your help,
> Debbi Logan
> My life changes so often I'd better have my epitaph etched in sand.
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