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From: Doug Thompson <>
Subject: Parentage of Matilda de Braose (St Valery) - "new" evidence.
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:50:11 +0100

Back in August Tim Powys-Lybbe asked:

> I can't find any reference to connect Maud to No 46.(Bernard de St. Valery.)
> Can you assist?

To which John Ravilious replied:

> Concerning the identification of Maud de St. Valery as daughter
> of Bernard, this is based somewhat on onomastic evidence (cf. St.
> Valery names - Reginald, Maud, Lauretta/Loretta introduced into de
> Braose line with Maud's children) and largely on the identification of
> Tetbury, co. Gloucs. - a holding of Bernard de St. Valery - as the
> maritagium of Maud.

And some sources give Reginald de St Valery as Maud's father.

However I recently came across a "new" piece of evidence. (About 750 years
old actually!)

In the 13th century Histoire des Ducs de Normandie et des Rois d'Angleterre,
there is a piece about Maud de St Valery. It is translated on Dr Helen
Nicholson's website - see

In this extract the author clearly states "she was daughter of Bernard de

The Histoire is thought to have been written in the mid 13th century and
appears to be by someone who was familiar with the people he wrote about.

I believe this removes any further doubt about the father of Maud.

I welcome any comments.

Doug Thompson
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