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From: (Peter Stewart)
Subject: Re: The history is long but is coming to an end
Date: 29 Nov 2003 14:25:24 -0800
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> The Daily Mail recently reported that the peers who lost their
> places in the House of Lords are going to sue the government for
> one million pounds damages--each. Their leader, Lord Mereworth,
> said, "Our forebears and their descendants were given the right
> to sit in Parliament for ever."

Lord Mereworth & his followers are clearly kidding themselves amd
journalists - precedents are well established for taking away the
right to sit in the House of Lords, either by the parliament through
bills of attainder or by the sovereign through orders in council.

Apart from anything else, the precedence amongst peerages from their
accepted date of creation proves that earlier ones had in some cases
been legitimately extinguished.

If Lord Mereworth wants to tangle with that possibility, Tony Blair
has the opportunity to go one step further and remove his various
titles altogether. This was notably done in the 20th century, by the
stroke of George V's pen, to his cousins the royal dukes of Albany and

Peter Stewart

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