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From: "Terry Mair" <>
Subject: Re: RE; COATS OF ARMS
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 19:17:12 -0700
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When I was checking into it some time ago it was explained to me as
Nobility, who knows what changes have taken place since that time in regards
to terminology, Noblesse is a new one on me. The impression I had been
given was that having legitimate arms granted by Lord Lyon made a person a
Noble but not a peer.
The Scots have done so much to make their Heraldry different from the rest
of GB it does get confusing.
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> In message of 12 Dec, ("Terry Mair") wrote:
> > Not wanting to burst your bubble and all, but in Scotland a grant of
> > arms IS a grant of Nobility!
> I have heard that the correct word going with Scots arms is "Noblesse"
> which probably has a different meaning to "Nobility" which latter I have
> always understood to belong solely to peers (shortly ex-peers) of the
> realm. What on earth "Noblesse" might imply I have no idea.
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