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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Re: Ancestry of John Bluet, of Raglan
Date: 13 Dec 2003 00:57:23 -0800
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Dear Jim ~

Thank you for your good post.

Sometime ago, I worked out the following Magna Carta Surety line for
Elizabeth Bluet, wife of James Berkeley, of Raglan Castle, co.
Monmouth (died 1405):

l. WILLIAM MALET, Magna Carta Surety, Baron of Curry-Mallet, Somerset,
married (1st) _____.

2. MABEL MALET, married HUGH DE VIVONNE, of Chewton, Somerset.

3. WILLIAM DE FORZ, Knt., of Chewton, Somerset, married MAUD DE
FERRERS (descendant of King Henry I of England).

4. JOAN DE VIVONNE, married REYNOLD FITZ PETER, Knt., of Wolverton,
co. Hants.

5. KATHERINE FITZ REYNOLD, married JOHN PICHARD, of Stradewy Castle
[present day Llanvihangel-Ystrad, co. Cardigan], Wales, and Bishampton
and Kington, co. Worcester.

6. AMICE PICHARD, married RALPH BLUET, of Raglan, co. Monmouth, Wales,
Daglingworth, co. Gloucester, and Thruxton, co. Hereford.

7. RALPH BLUET, Knt., of Raglan and Thuruxton, co. Monmouth, Wales,
and Daglingworth, co. Gloucester, married ELIZABETH FERCH RHYS AP

8. JOHN BLUET, Knt., of Raglan and Daglingworth, etc., married

BERKELEY, Knt., of Raglan Castle, co. Monmouth; (3rd) WILLIAM AP

Complete Peerage 2 (1912): 132 (sub Berkeley) provides no information
regarding Elizabeth Bluet's ancestry. You can find partial
particulars of the above line in the Genealogist, n.s. 12 (1895):
29-30 (1895) ("Bartholomew Picot and Elizabeth his wife, sued John
Poyntz, Chivaler, and Margaret, his wife, for the manor of Thurleston
which Roger Pychard gave to Amice, his daughter, and heirs of her body
[Amice's son Ralph, first husband of Margaret, and Ralph's son, John,
father of Elizabeth]").

I trust this answers your question.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


(Jim Weber) wrote in message news:<>...
> Dear Newsgroup,
> I have been curious for sometime as to the ancestry for John
> Bluet/Blouet, of Raglan, father of Elizabeth who married (1)
> Bartholomew Picot, (2) James de Berkeley, and (3) William ap Thomas
> Herbert.
> Faris' Plantagenet Ancestry, 2nd Edition, p. 23, states that John
> Bluet of Raglan, co. Monmouth, was "of Magna Carta Surety descent",
> which seems to indicate that there is a known pedigree for him; yet I
> have never seen any such pedigree given.
> Vivian's Visitations of Cornwall 1530 1573 & 1620, "Blewett of Colan",
> p. 35, gives the following descent:
> 1. William Blewett, Earl of Salisbury [Yikes! Title is far-fetched!]
> 2. Sir Rowlan Blewett, Kt, younger son of Earl of Sarum = Lettice, dau
> & coh. of Jeoffrey Ragland, Lord of Raglan
> 3. Sir Edmund Blewett, Kt = Isabell, sister of Hump. Bowen, Kt
> 4. Sir Roger Blewett, Kt = Joane, da. of Sir Lewis Powis, Kt, Lo.
> Powis
> 5. Thomas Blewett = Edith, sister of Owen Ward, Lo. of Penalton
> 6. Sir Ralph Blewett, Kt, Lord of Ragland = Llowis, sister of Gilbert
> de Monthermer, Earl of Hereford and Gloucester. [Ralph de Monthermer
> was styled Earl of Hertford & Gloucester in right of his wife Joan of
> Acre, widow of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Hertford & Gloucester. Joan
> & Gilbert had a son Gilbert, who was also Earl of Hertford &
> Gloucester. The latter Gilbert would have been "step-son" of Ralph de
> Monthermer. Hard to say who is meant.]
> [The male descent continues on for at least 5 generations]
> The Visitations of Devon 1564 (ed. Frederic Thomas Colby), [year of
> visitation was 1520], "Blewett" [of Holcombe Rogus?], p. 21-22, gives
> the following descent:
> 1. William Blewett, Kt
> 2. Roland Blewett, younger son = Lucretia, da & coh of Galfride
> Ragland, lord of Ragland
> 3. Edward Blewett, Knt = Isabella, sister of Humphry Bawyn, Knt
> 4. Roger Blewett, Knt = Johanna, d. of Lewis de Powys, Knt, lord of
> Powys
> 5 Thomas Blewett, Knt = Edith, sister of Owen Wood, lord of Penhalton
> 6. Ralph Blewett, Knt, lord of Ragland = Avis, sister of Gilbert de
> Monthermer
> [The male descent continues on for at least 6 generations]
> Presumably #6 (in both Cornwall & Devon) Ralph Blewett, lord of
> Ragland, is a close relative (perhaps father/grandfather/great
> grandfather) of John Bluet of Raglan.
> Does anyone have any information on the ancestry of John Bluet, which
> would connect with the Blewett family given in the above visitations
> of Cornwall & Devon?
> Thank you for any information that can be provided.
> Jim Weber

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