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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:00:47 EST

I think that the present day arguments on the Coats of arms are based on the
fact that people resent the fact that they are told that they cannot have
their own coat of Arms unless it has been granted to an ancestor in the dim and
distant past.
The fact is that anybody can have a Coat of Arms, as long as they do not use
its association with another name to their advantage. If you're called Windsor
and you take on the Royal Arms and people ask if you're related to the Queen,
the implication is that you chose those with the idea in mind that you will
be mistaken for a relation of the Royal infinitum.
That the idea that Coats of Arms are passé is total bosh, shown by the
ever-increasing and lucrative business conducted by the College of Arms, of drawing
up Coats of Arms for those who are willing to pay the fee - and this fee is
well within the reach of many middle management people (£50-85K p.a).
Ther is another angle to this perpetual question - If he's got one why can't
I? You can but not when you include a helm of rank - that would be pretty poor
show and would show you for the snob you really are!

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