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From: "Terry Mair" <>
Subject: Re: COATS OF ARMS
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:13:22 -0700
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Another problem with the "Mall-vendors" is that you cannot rely on them to
even come up with arms associated with the correct name, when I was younger
I fell for one of these vendor sales, I knew what the arms where supposed to
look like and assumed they did to, yeah right! not even close.
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> > I think that the present day arguments on the Coats of arms are based
> > on the fact that people resent the fact that they are told that they
> > cannot have their own coat of Arms unless it has been granted to an
> > ancestor in the dim and distant past.
> I think that it is in the interests of the mall-arms-vendors to
> propagate this so that peoeple continue to spend money with them.
> Anyone who has looked into armory themselves will rapidly find out that
> you can have new arms made for you and, even, you can make them
> yourself.
> Certainly the various heraldic authorities would not say this as they
> would rapidly lose a nice little earner.
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