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From: "Pierre Aronax" <>
Subject: Re: Settipani's french books
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 11:05:25 +0100
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""Leo van de Pas"" <> a crit dans le message de
> I thought it was rather sad when someone remarked "Bad Luck" if you don't
> speak French.

Who says that?

> Languages can be barriers and if there are people who can break that
> we all would benefit. I thought it was great that Hans Vogels could
> a person more than capable to translate the superb books by Christian
> Settipani.

An other way to break the barrier is to learn some words of French: that is
the lector who has to make an effort, not the author.

> It was another Frenchman, Jean Francois Champollion, who broke the barrier
> keeping us from the meanings of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

I don't see the relation: hieroglyphs were a dead language, far different
from French.

> What I wonder about, what can we do? Do we jointly, or separately,
> Mr. Settipani's publisher, mention the name given by Hans Vogels, and ask
> for an English translation?
> If the publisher agrees, I for one, would be willing to buy a copy in
> advance, the books by Mr. Settipani certainly are worth it. I have only
> and, sadly, the language is a barrier for me.

"Worth"? I am amazed to read that some people imagine that the ultimate
consecration for a book is to be translated in English! How can one be so
ethnocentric? For my part, if I was a scholar, I would be much more
interested to see my books translated in German or in Russian: I will not
see the interest of a translation in a language so similar to French, like
English is.


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