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From: "Phil Moody" <>
Subject: Re: Settipani's french books
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 09:24:22 -0600
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"Pierre Aronax" wrote:

> Yes, of course, but the interest for who? A translation in English is
> interesting for English speaking lectors, or rather for those of them who
> don't understand a word of French. Its interest for the author is less
> evident. So, it is to those who have interest in a translation to manage to
> produce one, not to the author or the French editor. Again, that is there
> problem, not his problem.

PLM: It appears as though you are condoning an unauthorized English
translation, Pierre! I don't believe Christian would approve of your
suggestion!? However, I do agree that it is not Christian's responsibility to
provide an English translation, but I do believe it is the responsibility of
his Publisher.


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