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Subject: John Jay
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:41:19 EST

The farm and homestead of John Jay passed into the hands of his descendants
the Iselin family, who built a large mansion on the property and having
"updated" the Jay farmhouse with lighting , plumbing etc. somewhere along the line,
rented the house out to, amongst others, my wife's parents who had sold their
house without having purchased another.

They (my in-laws) had a large house on Cape Cod where they spent the
summers. The Jay house was thereby vacant for the summer and my father in law
sublet it to a friend of his, Prince de Bar, (Archduke Rudolph of Austria), who
lived there for the summer with his sister, Princess de Bar and his mother
Empress Zita of Austria. Later, Zita was given use of a house in Tuxedo Park
where Rudolph was married by the famous Bishop Sheen .

Still later, of course the house was de-constructed to Jay's time and is
open to the public

Robert Bowman

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