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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Sixteen Quarters Of Nobility
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 16:22:14 -0000
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My feeling is that the French can have whatever practices on these
"NOBLE" matters that THEY wish.

And the Germans, likewise ---- and they need not be the same practices.

It seems to me that anyone who pretends to an interest in Genealogy who
is NOT interested to know if someone has Duke of Orleans on his passport
or not ---- is a pretty sorry specimen.

This does not mean in ANY way that I want to imitate these practices in
the United States.

Different strokes and different rules for each Nation ---- as its
citizens decide.

Americans don't get a vote as to how the French or Brazilians or Germans
or Italians or Russians do this sort of thing ---- and should butt out.

D. Spencer Hines

Lux et Veritas et Libertas

Vires et Honor

Deus Vult

"Pierre Aronax" <> wrote in message
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| news:...

| > > Exact: France today does not recognize nobility as such. But the
| Republic still recognize titles of nobility.
| >
| > Translation one can still call oneself the Duke or Orleans, and have
| > it on one's official documents, but it is an empty, meaningless
| > carrying no special status, or value save for those trying to cling
| > airs of superiority?
| I think it depends what you mean by "meaning". For what is of a
| status", I know of now present country, monarchy or republic, where
| carry a special status.
| > I guess if one wants to hold on to vestiges of
| > the ancien regime which perished out of its own ignominy to each his
| > or her own.
| >
| > Do folks cling to Napoleonic (I and III) titles as well?
| I don't understand what you mean.
| Pierre

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