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Subject: Emperor Su-tsung 756-762 Re: A New Thread: Bridging the Gap
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:20:43 +1100
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I hope this line can be substantiated as it would give interesting ancestors
to quite a lot of people. Not only Queen Elizabeth II is then a descendant,
but probably all todays European monarchs, a large number of European
aristocracy, especially French, but also individuals
like the Aga Khan, Lady Diana Spencer, Sarah Ferguson, Rachel Ward, Gianni
Agnelli, Winston Churchill, Brooke Shields, Valery Giscard d'Estaing and
amongst gen-med I could find only one, Peter de Loriol.

Best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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Subject: Re: A New Thread: Bridging the Gap

> During the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II to China in 1986, articles
> published in the Chinese media traced Her Majesty's lineage to the Tang
> Dynasty of China.
> Can anyone here build a bridge to the 10th century on this? Turks
> Or Mongols? Probably one or t'other. I reƤlize that nothing here is
> certain, (or, in the parlance, 'for sure')l but hoping that some
> might eventually lead to a more expository product.
> Also, could anyone here produce, or does anyone here have a table for
> Khazars? How about Cumans, Petchenegs, Bihars, Polovtsy, etc.?


following is what I came up with as a possibility:

Emperor Su Tsung (Tang)
Ning-Kuo (daughter) m. Moyenhur (Uighur)
Bayanue (daughter) m. Surkhab II (Tabaristan)
Sharwin I
Shahriyar I
Abul Melik
Michke m. Katchik-Gagik (Vaspurakin)
Abu sahl Hamazasp III
Katchik I
Abul Gharib
daughter m. Auschin I (Lampron)
Hetum II
Auschin II
Hetum III
Constantine I
Hetum IV
Alix m. Balian d'Ibelin
Guy d'Ibelin
Alix d'Ibelin m. Hugh de Lusignan
James I de Lusignan m. Charlotte Bourbon
Anne de Lusignan m. Louis (Savoy)
Margaret m. Peter (Luxemburg) 1390-1433
Marie m. Francis Bourbon
Antoinette m. Claude, Duke of Guise
Mary m. James V of Scotland
James VI
Elizabeth m. Frederick V of Bavaria
Sophia m. Ernst Augustus, Elector of Hanover
George I
George II
George III
Edward VII
George V
George VI
Elizabeth II

there might be other lines as well

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