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From: "Gordon Kirkemo" <>
Subject: Avice de Tanfield, wife of Robert Marmion
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:16:01 -0800

Avice de Tanfield was the wife of Robert Marmion (d. c1242) of Winteringham,
Lincolnshire. While searching the archive for Tanfield references, I found
a number of notations of later Tanfields, but only one that suggests a line
for Avice. John Ravilious posted information on 25 Sep 2002* in which he
identified the father of Avice as Gernegan de Tanfield.

I did a Google search to see if I could find any additional leads and found
several references to Gernegan and to Gernegan Fitz Hugh. I also checked DD
for Tanfield citations, but found none. I then looked for Fitz Hugh and
found the following on page 912:

"Filius Hugonis, Jernegan

Son of Hugh fitz Jernegan of Tanfield, Yorkshire. Married Sybil. Died a.
1183 leaving two sons, Hugh and Roger. See EYC v, 40ff."

I thought I had my man, but closer inspection raised some doubts. First, no
mention is made of a daughter named Avice. Further, as Tanfield seems to
have passed to the Marmions through Avice, the existence of two sons raised
additional flags. Second, this Jernegan died c1183. According to John's
information in his above-cited posting, Avice died aft 1283. Clearly, this
Jernegan could not be the father of Avice.

However, it does seem highly likely that Avice was a descendant of this
Jernegan. First, he is associated with Tanfield, the manor that passed
through Avice to the Marmions. Second, he is the son of a Hugh who in turn
was the son of another Jernegan. He has a son named Hugh, so it seems
possible that his son might be the grandfather of Avice, and that this Hugh
might have named a son Jernegan in keeping with the family tradition.

So I offer the following line as speculation in the hope someone can verify
it, or prove it wrong:

1. Jernegan, a Breton (DD page 918)
2. Hugo fitz Jernegan (DD page 918)
3. Jernegan fitz Hugh (d. c1183) of Tanfield, Yorkshire married Sybil (DD
page 912)
4. Hugh fitz Jernegan de Tanfield (DD page 912)
5. Jernegan fitz Hugh de Tanfield (Ravilious* and assorted websites)
6. Avice de Tanfield (d. aft 1283) married Robert Marmion (Ravilious* other

Comments are welcomed.

Gordon Kirkemo

* Subject of posting by John Ravilious on 25 Sep 2002: "Re: Maud de
Beauchamp, wife of Robert Marmion"

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