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From: "Kevan Barton" <>
Subject: Gascoigne/Mowbray - Children William and Margaret
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:52:06 -0500


I'm throwing this out to the SGM folks in the hopes that someone may have
additional light, but I still lean to the proposition that Margaret was the
daughter of William Gascoigne by Elizabeth Mowbray. I hope the following
helps. By the way, I hit the family through William, Agnes, and Margaret.

The Question: William Gascoigne, the Chief Justice, had two wives, 1)
Elizabeth Mowbray, and 2) Joan Pickering. The issue is whether Margaret
Gascoigne who married Robert Hansard was the daughter of Elizabeth, or Joan.

I don't have the Bodine msg handy you note, but I think in referencing
William's will he states, "wherein he names his wife Joan, brothers
Nicholas, Richard, and John, but names only his eldest son and heir,

For Joan's will, he states' "wherein she makes bequests to Robert Constable,
and to my doughter his wife, to her sons Sir Christofer, James, Robert, and
Richard, and to Margaret."

I don't have a copy of the wills to see if anything else tumbles out.
Elizabeth Mowbray was dead c 1396 (1) . William's will is dated 15 Dec
1419. That's a 23 year spread and he certainly had his additional children
by then, but the fact that he does not mention Margaret means really nothing
as he didn't mention Joan's children either. Joan's will claims the
daughter (Agnes and, interestingly, Agnes' husband) and the sons Christofer,
James, Robert and Richard, but the language does not claim Margaret as hers.

Now here's the real kicker. Margaret had her son Richard Hansard in c1377.
His age being estimated as 18 in 1395 (7 Skirlaw)(2). If this is correct,
then Margaret could not have been the daughter of Joan Pickering, but of
Elizabeth Mowbray.


1. Moriarty, "Mowbray of Kirklington", (NEHGR vol. 120, p. 174)
2. Robert Surtees [ITAL:]The History and Antiquties of the County Palatine
of Durham[:ITAL], III (Wakefield, Yorkshire: EP Publishing in Collaboration
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