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Subject: Kings of Turks [part 1] & Kings of Khazars [part 2]
Date: 14 May 2004 14:14:49 -0700

Kings of Turks [part 1] & Kings of Khazars [part 2]
Part 1:
Turkish Royalty

01. Abtin (800BC), chief/king of the Hyrkanians [Scythians] in Central
Asia, claimed descent from the semi-mythological Skhilti Dynasty of
Scythia, which claimed descent from Targitaus, called "1st" King of
Scythia, the ancestor-deity of the Scythians and mythological
eponymous ancestor of the Turks, the son of the sky-god Zuisudra
[Zeus] and a mortal-woman, the sis of Thoas, King of Scythia, &, dau
of Borysthenes, King of Lemnos [note: another myth says the dynasty
descended from one of the sons of the epic Greek hero Hercules
begotten of the "monstrous" half-human/half-reptile Scythian queen,
circa 1200BC]
02. Faridun, last chief/king of the Hyrkanians, settled in the Iranian
province of Baluchestan
03. Tur, 1st King of Turan, bro of Salm & Erij [the father of
Manuchehr, father of Nowzar], c. 750BC
04. Duraushasp, King of Turan
05. Spaenyasp, King of Turan 700BC
06. Turak, King of Turan
07. Zadsham, King of Turan, contemporary of Ariantas, King of Scythia
(650BC) [Scythia's Paralat Dynasty, conquered by Sarmatians circa
08. Pashang, King of Turan 600BC
09. Afrasiyab, last King of Turan, gave name to Turkish Royalty, which
called itself the House of Afrasiyab; conquered by Cyrus "The Great",
Shah of Persia [identified with Kei-Khusru of Persian saga], who
annexed Turan to Persia, c. 550BC
10. Phrada, first King of proto-Turks [were refugees from Turan on the
move], 522BC, migrated and settled in Turkestan [modern Turkmenistan]
in Central Asia
from whom descends: about 17 generations
[vassals successively of the Persians (c 500-330BC), Greco-Macedonians
(330-312BC), the Seleucids of Syria (312-256BC), and the Hellenic
Kingdom of Bactria (256-58BC) until at length achieving independence]
28. Bonon, King of Margiana [Margush] [modern Merv region] located in
Turkestan [modern Turkmenistan], 58-20BC
29. Spalyris, King of Margiana [Turkestan] 20-1BC
30. Ortagan, King of Margiana [Turkestan] 1BC-AD20
31. Gondophar, King of Margiana [Turkestan] AD20-50
32. Pacorus, King of Margiana [Turkestan] 50-60
33. Kanaban, King of Margiana [Turkestan] 60-80
from whom descends: about 11 generations
[vassals successively of the Kushans (80BC-AD240), Persians
(240-350), and Chinese (350-406)]
45. Liu Tsugu, a Turkish prince (d398), whose parents migrated and
settled in China's northern Liang province along with the other Turks
46. Ashina [Ashihna] [Asena], revolted against Chinese vassalage and
broke free achieving independence for China's northern Liang province;
duke of the Turks [or Liang] 398, chief/king 406 (d433), eponym of the
Assena clan
a. Apangpu [Tsugu-Pieng-Sun], descends chiefs/kings of the Turks, and,
ancestor of Bumin Khan, their first king (552), who founded the
Turkish Kingdom, centered at first in the Altai Mountains of Central
Asia (below)
b. Ichichni Shihtu, descends chiefs/kings of the Uighurs, and, father
of Asyana Shad, father of [?] Ay Uzhru, their first king (487), who
founded the Uygur [Uighurite] Empire centered in Central Asia between
the Mongols, Huns, and Chinese
c. Nothuliu, descends chiefs/kings of the Avars, and, grandfather of
Saroshu, Duke of Ukraine, grandfather of Kanadik, father of Bayar
Khan, their first king (562), who founded the Avarite Khanite centered
in the area between the Russia, Hungary, and Bessarabia
47. Apangpu [Tsugu-Pieng-Sun], chief/king of the Turks 433-461, led
migration of the Turks from China's northern Liang province to China's
western Xinjiang province, and settled in Kan-suh, near the modern
city of Shan-Tan, where the Turkish royal citadel was built on the
near-by hill so-called "Turku", "Diirkii", or "T'u-chueh" for the
tribe's national name, onetime the Turks' capital-city, and, ancestor
state of the later Avarite Khanate (562-796) [vassals of the powerful
Juan-Juan empire (c450-545)]
48. Hsien I, chief/king of the Turks 461-490
a. Pusun, chief/king of the Turks 490-491, father of Hsien II,
chief/king of the Turks 511-521
b. Kulapan, chief/king of the Turks 491-496
c. Liangu (below), father of Mengen (below)
49. Liangu, chief/king of the Turks 496-511
50. Mengen, chief/king of the Turks 521-523
51. Tuwu Tayehu [Tsugu T'u-u Mengen], chief/king of the Turks 523-545
a. Bumin, chief 545/king 552 of the Turks, below
b. Istemi (d576), below
c. Tardu, (d573), below
note: the descent-line above is continued below, see
note: issue of Bumin (above)
[a] Bumin, tribal chief of the Turks 545, reck'd 1st King of Turks;
revolts versus the Juan-Juan empire and migrates westwards; repulsing
attacks by the [H]Ephthalies [a Hunnish tribe] upon the Turks
migrating through the Russian steppes; made an astonishing advance;
and establishes another settlement in Turkestan, founding [another]
Turkish state [the Tu-Kiu kingdom] in Central Asia, Year 552 (d553)
= Chang-Lo[-Kung-Cho], dau of Xi-Wei Wen-Ti, Emperor of China [N Wei]
535-552, & wife, dau of Anahuai [Anakai], King of Juan-Juan
a. Kholo [Kara Khan], # 2
b. Kushu Mugan, # 3
c. Tapur [Taspar], # 5
note: issue of Istemi [Iski Khan], bro of Bumin (above)
[b] Istemi [Shetimi] [Stembis] [Silzibul] [Iski Khan] (d576)
a. Shaporo, # 8B
b. Khulagu, # 10B
c. Anghis Jabgu (d590)
d. dau [name], 1st wife of Khusru I [Xusrau], Shah of Persia (d579)
note: issue of Tardu, bro of Bumin (above)
[c] Tardu [Sukhaili] [Dardo] (d573)
a. Turruk Khan (d598) (below)
b. Togrul Khan (below)
issue of Turruk Khan (above):
a. Shabolo [I], # 12B
b. Saba, kld 589
c. Shifkwi [I], # 13B
issue of Togrul Khan, bro of Turruk Khan (above):
a. Tuli Khan, aka Koran Kagan, # 15B
regnal-list of Turkish rulers [dates are approximate: there are
variations of this genealogy, each of which give a different

01. Bumin [T'u-min] Khan, tribal chief of the Turks 545, reck'd 1st
King of Turks, founds [another] Turkish state 552 (d553), changed
family-name from "Tsugu" to "Assena"
issue: see above
02. Kholo Kagan [Kara Khan] [Qara Issyk Khan] [Kelou Irksi Kagan],
King 553 (above)
a. Yandu Muchu Kagan, # 4
b. Kiuli Tegin [Mohotou]
c. [Y]Angsu Tegin [Yang-Su Tuliu]
note: issue of "Prince" [Y]Angsu Tegin (above), the son of Kholo
Kagan [Kara Khan], was:
a. Nivar Kagan [Neri Khan], # 8A
b. Zhangar, # 9A
c. Basyu Tegin [Boshir Teghin], # 11A
03. Muqan [Kushu Mugan Kagan] [Mukan; Mogan] [Djigin], King 553-572
a. Apa Qagan, # 7
b. Kayen (dau), 2nd wife of Khusru I [Khosroe], Shah of Persia (d579)
c. [name] (dau), wife of Pei-Chou Wu-Ti, Emperor of China [N Chou]
04. Yandu Muchu Kagan, King 572
05. Tapur Qagan [Taspar] [Thopo Kagan] [To-Pei] [Arslan Tabo Khan],
King 572-578
Amrak, # 6
06. Amrak [Amro Khan][Anlo Khan], King 578
07. Apa Qapan [Apoukia Kagan] [Dizabul] [Ta-lo-pien], King 578-581
[note: his reign marks the first brilliant epoch of early Turkish
a. Danao Tegin (d638)
b. Asena Tegin, father of Yasir Bulsa Kapan, father of Chuja Yabgu
(d644), father of Ghora Jabgu [Shaporo VII], # 21A
581: kingdom split into halves, west and east [A & B][dates are
approximate: there is another chronology that puts this event in Year
578 rather than Year 581; and the dates of the Turkish khans are
adjusted to that year]
8A Nivar Kagan [Neri Khan], King 581-597
a. Pio-She Tegin, kld 589
b. Nikul Chula [Nili Khan], # 10A
c. Shifkwi [II], # 13A
d. Tong Jabgu Khan, # 14A
e. Moho Shad
note: issue of "Prince" Moho Shad (above), the son of Nivar Kagan [#
8A], was:
a. Shapolo [II] Tielishe Kaghan [Tongngo] (d639), # 18B
b. Nichu Kagan [Hilipi Khan] (639-641 dep, d653), # 19B
c. Kian Shad, father of Pihotu Kaghan (d641), # 21B
d. Kieyue Khan [Puli Shad], King of Khazars (640)
note: issue of Kieyue Khan, King of Khazars (above), was:
a. Ashena Holo [Shapolo Kagan] (d657), father of Tiyun Shehu, # 23A, &
Kaban Kagan, King of Khazars (670)
b. Khalge Kaghan [Harbis II], King of Khazars (650), below
9A Zhangar, King 597-599
a. Bagatur [I], # 15A
10A Nikul Chula [Nili Khan], King 599-603
a. Nipo Taman Khan, # 12A
b. Kiue Tatu, aka Kwoupe Kaghan, # 17A
11A Basyu Tegin [Boshir Teguin], King 603
12A Nipo Taman Khan [Hsien III], King 603-615 dep, d618
13A Shifkwi [II] [Shih Kuei] [Che-Kuei], King 615-618
14A Tong Yabghu Khan, King 618-627 [identified with Ziebel, King of
the Khazars]
a. Tili Tegin [Ipipolo], aka Shaporo IV, # 16A
b. Tatu Shad, father of Yiwu Khan, # 19A
c. Harbis I [Irbis], King of Khazars (630), who, by his wife,
Epiphania [dau of Heraclius, Byzantine Emperor], begot Anastasia
(dau), wife of Khalga Kaghan [Harbis II], see part 2 (below)
d. Tien Kiue
e. Yasu Tegin
15A Bagatur [I] Kiuliug, King 627
a. Ilvi Shifkwi Khan, # 20A
16A Tili Khan [Ipipolo] aka Shaporo IV, King 627-632
a. Symo Khan, # 18A
17A Kwoupe Khagan, King 632-639
18A Symo Khan, King 639-641
18B Shapolo [II] [Tielishe Khan] [Tongngo], King 639
a. Ikilishe Khan, # 20B
19B Nichu Kagan [Hilipi Khan], King 639-640 dep, d653
20B Ikilishe [Mohotou] Khan, King 640
a. Shifkwi, # 22B
21B Pihotu Khan, King 640-641
22B Shifkwi [Shekwei] Khan, King 641-?
19A Yiwu Khan, King 641-646
20A Ilvi Shifkwi Khan, King 646-653
21A Ghora Jabgu, aka Shaporo VII, King 653-657, deposed by Chinese
a. Mishe
22A Mishe, anti-king [in exile] 657-664
a. Yong Khan
23A Tiyun Shehu, anti-king [in exile] 664-677
24A Yong Khan, anti-king [in exile] 677-693
a. Suizi
25A Suizi, anti-king [in exile] 693-4 deposed by Chinese, ancestor of
Huang Tsung, Emperor of China 923-926
8B Shaporo [III] [Shetu Yabgu] [Che-Thu] [Yshbar Khan], King 581-587
[son of Istemi, bro of Bumin] (above),
a. Rudan Kagan, # 9B
9B Rudan Kagan [Buli Khan], King 587
10B [K]Hulagu [Chulo-Khan; Tolos-Shad] [Tchu-lo-heu], King 587-588
a. Tulan [Dolan] Kagan, # 11B
b. Tateu [Datou] Kagan, # 14B
11B Tulan Kagan [Dolan] [Tiduin] [Yong Yulu Khan] King 588-598
= Yang-Ling, dau of Sui-Wenti, Emperor of China 581-604
a. Shipi, # 17B
b. Chulo, # 18C
c. Kieli, # 19C
12B Shabolo Khan, King 598
13B Shifkwi [I], King 598-599
14B Tateu Kagan [Datou] [Tatu Khan] [Bogiu Tardush Kagan] [Puchi],
King 599-603
a. Qimin Kagan, # 16B
15B Koran Kagan [Tuli Khan], King 603
a. Nishu Kutlo Kagan, # 24B
b. Khilash Khan, aka Shaporo V, # 26W
c. Irbis Kagan [Il-Kiuliug Shad] [Huo-Hsien], # 27W
d. Bagadur II Irbis [Khu-Mo-Khe], # 26E
e. Ilviro [Shaporo VI] Khan [Yshbar Jabghu], # 27E
16B Qimin Kagan [Chi-Min] [Duli I Khan], King 603-609
17B Shipi [Shih-Pi] [Dugi Shibir Khan] [Tujieli], King 609-619
a. Toli [Duli II] Khan, # 22C
b. Sirin (dau), wife of Khusru II "Parvez", Shah of Persia (d628)
18C Chulo [Tchu-Lo] Kagan, King 619-620
a. Ochir Tegin, father of Wen Tchuen Assete [# 34], Nichofu [# 35], &
Baz Kagan [# 37]
19C Kieli Khan [Xieli Khan] [Hsieh-Li] [Illig] [Kat il-Khan Tugbir],
King 620-629 dep, d633
a. Tupi Khan, # 20C
b. Szelipi [Li-Su-Mo], # 29
c. Hopo Khan [Ho-Pei] [Khepi Kagan], # 32
20C Tupi Khan, King 629
21C Schehu Khan, King 629-630
a. Kari Khan (d639), father of Mizif Kagan, [1st] King of Eastern
Turkestan 657-679, father of Yuan Ching Khan [Husehelo] , [2nd] King
of Eastern Turkestan
b. Aldo Yabghu Khan (d645), father of Buchin Khan, [3rd] King of
Eastern Turkestan 697-?, father of Khusere Khan, [4th] King of
Eastern Turkestan ?-703
c. Kayi, father of "Prince" Ochir, father of Wuchile [Utehele] Khan,
[5th] King of Eastern Turkestan 703-706, father of Sokho Khan, [6th]
King of Eastern Turkestan 706-711, & [his bro] Mecho [Mochuo] Khan,
[7th] King of Eastern Turkestan 711-716, father of Sughlu Khan, [8th]
King of Eastern Turkestan 716-738, father of Tu-Ho Khan, [9th] King of
Eastern Turkestan 738-739, & [his bro] Mo-Ho Bagan, [10th] King of
Eastern Turkestan 739-744, deposed by the Chinese
22C Toli [Duli II] Khan, King 630-631
a. Dudu Ghologur Khan, # 25B
23B Telige Teguin [Irbis Bolun Yabgu Kagan], King 631-633
24B Nishu Kutlo Kagan, King 633
25B Dudu Ghologur Khan, King 633-639 dep
26W Khilash Kagan, aka Shaporo V, King 633-639
26E Bagadur II [Khu-Moe-Khe], King 633-639
27W Irbis Kagan [Huo Hsien], King 639-641
a. Torak Han, # 28
27E Ilviro Shaporo VI Khagan [Yshbar Jabghu], King 639-641
28. Torak Han, King 641-644, dep, d656
a. Ay Kutlug Khan, # 33
29. Szelipi Khan [Li-Su-Mo], King 644-646
a. Hollyg Yshbar Khan # 30
b. Jenchu Shibir Khan, # 31
30. Hollyg Yshbar Khan , King 646-648
31. Jenchu Shibir Khan, King 648-653
32. Hopo Khan [Ho-Pei] [Khepi Kagan], King 653-664
33. Ay Kutlug Khan, King 664 dep (d685), the father of Qimin Tur
(d724), father of Yasak (d768), father of Tok Temur (d810), father of
Sungur (d865), father of Bulgai (d906), father of Sakur, father of
Batur, father of Togrul Khan (d1058), father of Ay Kutluq (d1097),
father of Baz Temur (d1165), father of Kizil Beg (1200), father of
Qia-Alp (1225), ancestor of Turkey's Ottoman Dynasty
reunion of Turkish tribes
34. Wen-Tchuen-Assete, King 657/664-679
a. Qutlugh Khan, # 39
b. Mokor Kapagan Kagan, # 40
c. Zieghu (683), father of Asena Tegin, father of Ghora Kagan, # 52
35. Nichofu [Nishu-Beg], King 679-681
a. Funian, # 36
36. Funian, King 681-2
37. Baz Kagan, King 682
a. Toghu Che, # 38
38. Toghu Che, King 682 dep (d715)
a. Utibeg
39. Qutlugh Khan [Kutluqh Ilteres Khan] [Idat Khan], King 682-691
a. Bilghe Khan, # 42
b. Tengri Kul, # 45
40. Mokor Kapagan Kagan, King 691-716
a. Fugiuy Bogiu, # 41
41. Fugiuy Bogiu [Kuchuk Khan] [Inal Khan], King 716
42. Bilghe Khan, King 716-731
a. Igen Khan, # 43
b. Duzhi Khan, # 46
c. Koto Khan, # 47
d. Kiethi Khan , # 48
e. Ozmish Khan, # 49
43. Igen Khan [I-Jan], King 731-735
44. Yollug Khan, King 735-739
45. Tengri Kul [Kul Tegin], King 739-742
46. Duzhi Khan, King 742
47. Koto [Ku-Tu] [Siuan] Khan, King 742-743
48. Kiethi Khan [Tieh Shih], King 743
49. Ozmish Khan, King 743-744
= [name], queen-regent 744-745
a. Pomei [Baimei] Khan, # 35
50. Pomei [Pei-Mei] [Baimei] Khan, King 744-745, dep
745: the Turkish state was conquered by the Uighurs, who established
an empire in Central Asia (487-1335)
51. Etimis [Il-Itmish] Khan, King [in exile] 745-748
52. Ghora Kagan, King [in exile] 748-?, the ancestor of later Turkish
descent-line continued from above, see

52. Istemi [Silzibul] [Iski Khan] (d576), bro of Bumin, 1st King 552
53. [K]Hulagu, King 587-588
54. Tulan Kagan, King 588-599
55. Chulo Kagan, King 619-620
56. Ochir Tegin, prince
57. Wen-Tchuen-Assete, King 657/664-679
58. Zieghu (683)
59. Asena Tegin
60. Ghora Kagan, King 748-? [note: Formhals says in his "Royal Race
of Deuman" that Seljuk was his 6th great-grandson]
61. Oghuz Khan, Prince of Basmils [union of 24 Turkish tribes] (775),
migrated into northern and western Khwarazm, made the fortress at
Enikert his residence; may possibly be identified with [?] Kerekuci
Hoci in the "traditional pedigree"
62. Asena Tegin, possibly id. with [?] Toksurmu Ilci in the
"traditional pedigree" [grandson]
63. Ucoko Kagan, possibly id. with [?] Lokman Assena in the
"traditional pedigree" [1st gt-gdson]
a. Kamgu Kagan, Turkish-King
b. Bayindir Khan, Turkish-King (below)
c. Kazan Yabgu, Turkish-King
64. Bayindir Khan, possibly id. with [?] Ertugrul in the "traditional
pedigree" [2nd gt-gdson]
65. Qiniq Qagan [3rd gt-gdson]
66. Shaghri Beg [4th gt-gdson]
67. Duqaq [Dukak] [Tuquq] "Iron-Bow"[5th gt-gdson]
68. Seljuk [6th gt-gdson], founded the Seljuk Dynasty (900); in the
"traditional pedigree" he is said to have been "X" number of
generations from Afrasiyab, King of Turan (above), whom the Seljuk
Dynasty apparently regarded as its "official ancestor". He converted
to Islam.
Part 2:
Kings of Khazaria [the Khazars]

01. Ziebel, [1st] King (620), identified with Tong Yabghu Khan, King
of Turks 618-627 (above)
02. Harbis [I] [Irbis], King (630), son
= Epiphania, dau of Byzantine Emperor Heraclius
a. Anastasia (dau), wife of Khalge Kaghan [Harbis II], King # 4
03. Kieyue Khan, King (640), cousin
son of Moho Shad, bro of 1st King Ziebel (above)
a. Khalge Kaghan [Harbis II], King # 4
b. Ashena Holo, father of Kaban Kagan, King # 5

04. Khalge Kaghan, aka Harbis II], King (650), son
= Anastasia, dau of Harbis I (above)
a. Ibuzir Glavan, King # 6
b. Theodora (dau), wife of Justinian II, Byzantine Emperor
05. Kaban Kagan, King (670), nephew
06. Ibuzir Glavan, King 690-715, cousin
07. Barjik [Bardzhik], King 715-731, son
= Prisbit, regent 731-737 dep, sis of Hazer Tarkman, Khan of the Beks
a. Bulan Sabriel, King # 8
b. Bihar, King # 9
08. Bulan Sabriel, King (740), son, converted to Judaism
a. Bagatur, King # 10
09. Bihar [Bizar], King (750), bro
a. Tzitzak (Chichak), aka Irene, wife of Constantine V, Byzantine
Emperor 741-775
b. dau, wife of Constantine II, King of Abasgia
10. Bagatur, King (760), nephew
a. Obadiah, King # 11
b. Hanukkah, King # 14
c. Zebulun, King # 16
11. Obadiah (Ovadiya), King 786-809, son
12. Hezekiah (Hizkiah), King 809-?, son
13. Manasseh I, son
14. Hanukkah, great-uncle
15. Yitzchak (Isaac), son
16. Zebulun, uncle
17. Manasseh II, great-nephew
18. Nisi, son
19. Aaron I, King (900), son
a. Menahem, King # 20
b. Benjamin, King # 21
20. Menahem, son
21. Benjamin, bro
22. Aaron II, son
23. Hakan Yusuf (Joseph), King 940-965, son
24. David, King 965-969, son, deposed by Russians, who overran and
conquered Khazaria in 969; died an exile in Taman 986/8
25. George Tzula, royal heir, son, an exile in Kerch; was acknowledged
king by the scattered remnant of the Khazars; was defeated and taken
prisoner in 1016 [last one]

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