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From: "Séimí mac Liam" <>
Subject: Re: Missing person!!!!
Date: 8 Jun 2004 13:13:56 GMT
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"Madra Dubh" <> wrote in

> "James C. Woodard" <> wrote in message
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>> To any of you in the greater Los Angeles area:
>> My nephew, Caleb Mains was last seen in Whittier on Monday evening.
>> He was to have been back to his ship docked at Coranodo by Wednesday
>> and did not report. He is a white male, early twenties, 6'3", 170
>> lbs, short brown hair(Navy haircut) blue eyes, with a smallpox scar
>> on his forehead just above his eyebrows. He was driving a white 2002
>> Ford Escape, license number 5E0C693 california plate. If you see
>> either the car or the boy, please contact me by e-mail and please
>> pass this to everyone you know in Southern California. Thank You for
>> any assistance you can give in this matter.
> James, it saddens me to hear that.
>> James C. Woodard
>> "Too many laws make scofflaws of all"

His Dad is praying hge went AWOL.

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