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From: "GoldenArse" <>
Subject: Re: Missing person!!!!
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 20:46:36 GMT
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"James C. Woodard" <> wrote in message
> You really are an eejit, you know. The local and state police are
> looking as well as the Navy, relatives have been calling hospitals all
> over SoCal, credit card numbers are being monitored, cell phone has a
> trap on it, now anything else you could think that might be of help, I'd
> be glad to hear. The kid and his car vanished into thin air as far as
> anyone can tell.

A Google search fer Caleb Mains shows nuttin. Don'tcha tink he'd be in there
somewhere? Like a newspaper report, missing person list or sumtin?

Seems odd...... Anyone smell a rat?

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