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From: "James C. Woodard" <>
Subject: Re: Missing person!!!!
Date: 10 Jun 2004 13:08:26 GMT
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>>>> To any of you in the greater Los Angeles area:
>>>> My nephew, Caleb Mains was last seen in Whittier on Monday evening.
>>>> He was to have been back to his ship docked at Coranodo by
>>>> Wednesday and did not report. He is a white male, early twenties,
>>>> 6'3", 170 lbs, short brown hair(Navy haircut) blue eyes, with a
>>>> smallpox scar on his forehead just above his eyebrows. He was
>>>> driving a white 2002 Ford Escape, license number 5E0C693 california
>>>> plate. If you see either the car or the boy, please contact me by
>>>> e-mail and please pass this to everyone you know in Southern
>>>> California. Thank You for any assistance you can give in this
>>>> matter.
>>> James, it saddens me to hear that.
>>>> James C. Woodard
>>>> "Too many laws make scofflaws of all"
>> His Dad is praying hge went AWOL.
> I hope that's all it is, Jim. My thoughts are with you and your family
> for some good news.
> Ann

The family have had this from Amy Murphy at NCIS:

"I spoke with Caleb's Division Officer LTJG Eric Williams this morning.
confirmed he not only saw Caleb on 01JUN04 at the carrier, but spoke with
him as well. Caleb was standing on the pier awaiting transportation to
Naval Base San Diego to attend a training class on Damage Control
I contacted Fleet Training Center, Naval Base San Diego located at 3975
Norman Scott Rd STE 1, and spoke with the training department DC1 Bensic
confirmed Caleb attended the Damage Control/Fire Fighting Training of the
Wet Training Lab on 01JUN04. He is now checking to see if he attended
other classes at the facility to date in the last two weeks.

I've also as promised last night have placed a Bulletin out to every Base
the Southwest Regional Area (Covers 3 states to include California) with
Caleb's pictures and description of him and his vehicle. The USS NIMITZ
issued a "Brow Stop" on Caleb. Meaning if he comes across the entrance to
the ship he will be stopped and I will be called. Same thing for his
vehicle on any of the bases.

Good news is we know he at least made it to San Diego and that's a good
sign. More to Follow as I locate information.

Amy J. Murphy"

Also Ms Murphy has run a nation check and he is not in any coroner's
office, jail, or court system.

James C. Woodard
"Too many laws make scofflaws of all"

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