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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Royal ancestry of Maria Jaquett, née de Carpentier
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 08:13:59 +1000
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She is also on page 378 of 600 Immigrants.

In 500 Immigrants, page 296

1.Henry III
3.Marie of Brittany
4.Isabel de Chatillon
-x-Guillaume de Coucy
5.Aubert de Coucy
-x-Jeanne de Ville-Savoir
6.Marie de Coucy
-x-Gilles VI de Mailly
7.Colart de Mailly
-x-Marie de Mailly
8.Jean II de Mailly
-x-Catherine de Mamez
9.Antoinette de Mailly
-x-Philippe de Noyelles
10.Nicole de Noyelles
-x-Jean de Villers
11.Isabella de Villers
-x-Jean de Carpentier
12.Roelant de Carpentier
-x-Josina van Hecke
13.Jan de Carpentier
-x-Sophia van Culenburg/Culemburg
14.Maria de Carpentier
-x-Jean (Jan) Paul Jaquet

Sources : Edwin Jacquett Sellers, "De Carpentier Allied Ancestry" :
Ancestry of Maria de Carpentier, wife of Jean Paul Jaquet (1928)

ES charts for Coucy, Chatillon-St.Pol and Brittany.

I think in this case it is a pity no dates for these people are given as
this could have told us a little more. Perhaps Grant or someone else knows
the time when Maria de Carpentier lived?
Where her immediate ancestors Huguenots, forced to leave France for The
In my humble opinion, Carpentier should be a French surname, how did (11)
become Jan de Carpentier? Shouldn't he be Jean de de Carpentier, especially
"de" seems to imply a French origin. The wives of 12 and 13 are very Dutch

As we have no dates, I have traced another line of descent from Jean II de
Mailly. Sadly, ES does not have an entry for the de Mailly family, but
Isenburg/Freytag von Loringhoven does, and so does Cahiers de Saint Louis.

Cahiers de Saint Louis records them on page 183 and Isenburg in Volume IV
Tafel 146.
GBR calls him Jean II, but Cahiers calls him Jean III
Jean III
is father of
Jean IV (who married in 1479) and Antoinette (GBR)
he is father of
Antoine (married in 1508)--------Nicole daughter of Antoinette (GBR
is father of
Rene (who married in 1527)------Isabelle daughter of Nicole (GBR)
he is father of
Thibault (born circa 1539)--------Roelant son of Isabelle (GBR)
is father of
Rene de Mailly (born 1580)------Jan son of Roelant (GBR)
father of
Louis Charles de Mailly (1610-1708)-----Maria de Carpentier wife of Jean

Take into account the Edict of Nantes was lifted in 1685, Louis Charles, of
the same generation as Maria, was 75 years old. So we can (?) discard the
Huguenot theory.
GBR generation 11, were they in The Netherlands? 12 and 13 married women
with Dutch names, but that is exactly the period when Then Netherlands were
in great turmoil.
I find these generations 11 to 14 very interesting and would love to know
more about these people. And why Jean (Jan) Paul Jaquet? Again Jan is so
Dutch, what is his origin?
Hope this helps.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia

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Subject: Royal ancestry of Maria Jaquett, née de Carpentier

> I just discovered that the royal ancestry of this lady, who was
> married to Jean Paul Jaquett of Delaware, is listed in Gary Boyd
> Roberts' _Royal Descent of 500 Immigrants_. I'm writing a book about
> one of Maria's descendants, the late, great stage and screen
> comedienne Charlotte Greenwood [1890-1978]. If someone with a copy of
> this rather scarce book could give me a clue as to what royal lines
> Mme Jaquett was connected to I would be very much obliged.
> Grant

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