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00. Scyld (Skjoldr), moved capital city of "Scania" from Skaane
[South-West Sweden] to Denmark, for which he is called the "1st" King
of Denmark; repulsed the Romans on the Elbe in 9BC and saved
Scandinavia by his victory, hence, his nick-name "Scyld" [= "shield"],
which obviously was not his real name, which is unknown; the myth of
the "Sheaf-Child" is associated with him; his parentage is unknown,
his descendants were called "Scyldings"; adopted son of the childless
"Snow Queen" Gefjon, only child, daughter & heiress of Gylfi, the King
of Scania, [whence the name "Scandinavia"], last male-descendant of
Othni, 1st King of Scani [legendary]. Legend says that Scyld had three
sons: one was the ancestor of the "Land-Danes"; another was the
ancestor of the "South Danes"; and, the other was the ancestor of the
00. Frode I "Frid", King of Denmark ["Land-Danes"] c 5BC-AD45; said to
have reigned for fifty years; legend says he was King of Denmark
during the years that Christ was on earth; probably one of Scyld's
three sons
00. unknown generations
00. Frolaf II (Fridleif), King of Denmark
00. Frovor (dau), also called "Drott", the Danish heiress
wife of Dan "Mykillate", also called "1st" King of Denmark, represents
another dynasty inheriting the Danish throne
01. Yppr, ancestor of another Scandinavian dynasty [DYN. II]
a. Nor
b. Osten
c. Dan, aka Dan "Mykillate" (below)
02. Dan "Mykillate", founds new Danish dynasty for which he is
sometimes also called the "1st" King of Denmark (AD 275)
= Frovor (Drott), the Danish heiress of the previous Scylding dynasty
a. Frode III "Fridsami" (below)
b. Domald
c. Hoter (Hodder)
03. Frode III "Fridsami", King of Denmark
a. dau
= Vermund "Vitre" (Varmundr; Wermund) "The Sage", a Gothic prince
b. dau
= Havarix (Havardr) "Handramme", an Heruli prince
c. dau
= Visimar, a Vandal King
[note: his [Frode III's] three sons-in-law (above), the husbands of
his three daughters, were co-rulers]
note: issue of dau of Frode III & Vermund "Vitre" [DYN. II-A]:
a. Olaf I (Olauus) "Litilati"
b. Alov (dau)
= Halfdan I (below)
note: issue of dau of Frode III & Havarix (Havardr) "Handramme" [DYN:
a. Halfdan I (below)
b. Scatz
c. Hrodgar I (Hroar)
note: issue of dau of Frode III & Visimar [DYN. II-C]:
a. Rigan, father of Sueno
b. Mitun
04. dau (above)
= Havarix (Havardr) "Handramme", an Heruli prince [DYN: II-B]
05. Halfdan I [Danus II]
06. Frolaf III (Fridleif)
a. Olaf II
b. Frode IV "Froekni" (below)
07.Frode IV "Froekni" (above)
a. Ingeld I (Ingialdr) "Skarkadar-Fostri", father of Frode VI
b. Halfdan II "The Tall" (below)
c. Frode V, father of Ingeld II
08.Halfdan II "The Tall" (above) (dc 498)
a. Hjorir (Heorogar) (dc 500), father of Hjorvard
b. Helgi (dc 503) (below)
c. Hroar II (Hrodgar) (dc 525) (below)
note: Helgi (above)
=1 Alov; =2 Yrsa [she =1 Adils of Sweden]; =3 Tron
issue of 2nd wife:
a. Rolf (Hrothulf) "Krake" (d545), father of (a) Drif (dau) [wife of
Bodvar "Bjarki"] & (b) Skur (dau) [wife of Hvitserk "The White"]
issue of 3rd wife:
b. Scullda (dau), mother of Grendel, claimant
09. Hroar II (Hrodgar) (dc 525) (above)
= Wealtheow, an Angle princess
a. Rorek I (Hraerekr) "Hnavggvanbaugi" (below)
b. Hrodmund
c. Freawaru (dau)
=1 Ingeld II [cousin]; =2 Elfhere, aka Beowulf
10. Rorek I (Hraerekr) (Hrethric) "Hnavggvanbaugi"
a. Frode VII (below)
b. Gertrude (Gryd) (dau)
=1 Eritil, King of Wends; =2 Feng, bro of 1st husband; mother of
HAMLET by 1st marriage
c. Hrodny (Hrut) (dau)
= Harold I, King of Denmark, son of Valdar "The Dane", son of epic
hero Beowulf (Elfhere), who represents another branch of the great
Scylding dynasty [note: Harold had two bros, Havelok "The Dane" &
Hallaf]; here, the Scylding dynasty re-takes Denmark from the previous
dynasty [House of Dan Mykillate]
the succession splits here between the descendants of [A] Frode VII &
[B] Harold I
11. Frode VII, King of Denmark (d548)
= Hilde, a Vandal princess
a. Frode VIII
b. Ingeld III (below)
12. Ingeld III
a. Frolaf IV
b. Halfdan III (below)
13. Halfdan III
14. Rorek II (Hraerekr) (Hrethric) "Slyongvanbaugi"
= Auda "Djuphvgda", Queen of Denmark [at Roeskilde] 647-674 (below)
11. Harold I, King of Denmark, son of Valdar "The Dane", son of epic
hero Beowulf
= Hrodny (Hrut), dau of Rorek I (Hraerekr) (Hrethric) "Hnavggvanbaugi"
a. Harold II
b. Halfdan "Snjalle" (below)
12. Halfdan "Snjalle" (above), id. with legendary King Snio
= Moallda "Digri" of East Anglia
a. Harold III
b. Ivar "Wide-Fathom" (below)
13. Ivar "Wide-Fathom" ("Vidfadmi"), King of Denmark (d647)
= Gyrita of Jutland
a. Auda "Djuphvgda", Queen of Denmark [only child] (above/below)
14. Auda "Djuphvgda", Queen of Denmark [at Roeskilde] 647-674 (above)
=1 Radbard (Radbarz) (Radbard; Radbod), King of Gardarige [Russia]
[note: there was a contemporary Frisian king of this name; and the
domain of Radbard, that is, "Gardarige", may probably be a scribal
error]; he apparently was a scion of the Volsungs, who through this
marriage alliance eventually inherited Denmark after a civil war; he
divorced Auda "Djuphvgda" before her succession to the Danish throne
=2 Rorek II (Hraerekr) (Hrethric) "Slyongvanbaugi", associate-ruler
with wife
issue of 1:
a. Randver "of Denmark" (15), father of Sigurd [I] "Hring" (16), King
of Denmark 735-756, father of RAGNAR "LODBROK" (17), overlord of
Scandinavia (d794) (below)
issue of 2:
b. Harold IV "War-Tooth" ("Hildetonn")(d735) (below)
15.Harold IV "War-Tooth" ("Hildetonn")(d735) (above)
a. Halfdan IV (d750) (below)
b. Gudrod, King of Skaane, who, of wife, Asta [dau of Ingjald
"Illrade" of Sweden], begot Asta (dau), wife of Halfdan "Hvitbein" of
Vestfold [Norway]
c. Sigfrid (Sigurd) [I], who, of wife, Sigris, begot (a) Signe, (b)
Hroar [father of Suomi, claimant 811], & (c) Helgi
d. Hrorek [III]
e. Ingeld
f. Thrand
g. Eystein
16. Halfdan IV (d750) (above)
b. Harold V (d782) (below)
a. Sigfrid (Sigurd) [II] (d798), father of (a) Onund & (b) Geva, wife
of Witikind of Saxony
c. Halfdan V (d802) (below)
17. Harold V (d782) (above)
a. Harold VI, King 798-804, father of (a) Halfdan (d810) & (b)
Godfred, King 819-827, father of two sons, claimants
b. Halfdan VI (d810) (below)
c. Heiligo (Helgi), father of Osfrid "of Schonen"
18. Halfdan VI (d810) (above)
a. Anulo, claimant (d812)
b. Hring (819)
c. Reginfred (d814)
d. Harold [VII] [II], King 812-813, 819-822, 825-826 (d841)
e. Hebbi (819)
f. Hemming (d837)
g. Aowin (811)
17. Halfdan V (d802) (above), bro of Sigfrid [II] (d798) & Harold V
a. Sigfrid III (d810) (below)
b. Godfred I (d810) (below)
18.Sigfrid III (d810) (above)
a. Reginald (Ragnwald) (d808)
b. Hemming, King 810-812
c. Sigfrid [IV], claimant (d812), father of Ragnar, claimant (d836)
d. Angandeo (Angantyr) (d812)
e. Hankwin (Haakon) (d812)
18. Godfred I (above)
a. Uorm, King 813-814
b. Horik (Eric) (d812)
c. Glum (d812)
d. Olaf III [II] (d827), father of (a) Sigurd (d862), (b) Ragnald "The
Rich" [father of Eric (d891)], & (c) Harold
e. Rolf (d836)
the "Sons of Lodbrok": the Volsungs [DYN. III] inherit the Danish

17. RAGNAR "LODBROK", overlord of Scandinavia (d794) (above)
=1 Thora; =2 Kraga; =3 Aslog; = others
issue of 1:
a. Eirik (d794)
b. Agnar (d794)
issue of 2:
Ivar (d794)
c. Sigurd [III] (Sigfrid) "Snake-Eye", King 794-803
d. Bjorn [I] "Ironside", King of Sweden (d804)
e. Hvitserk
f. Ragnald (d794)
g. Halfdan
h. Eric III (Horik), King of Sweden
issue of 3:
i. Osfrid "Turdimulo", father of Warstein (Eystein)
issue of ?:
j. Alofa (dau)
k. Ragnhild (dau)
l. Thora (dau)
18. Sigurd [III] (Sigfrid) "Snake-Eye", King 794-803
a. Canute I (below)
b. Halfdan [VI] (d812) (below)
c. Godfred II (d814) (below)
19. Canute I, King 803-827
a. Frode IX "Enski" (below)
b. Awuslir, father of Horm, Weland (850/860), & Ring
c. Sigfrid [IV]
20. Frode IX "Enski", King of Denmark 827-836
= Emma of England
a. Harold VI (d883), father of Godfred IV (d 891)
b. Sigfrid [V][III], co-King 873 (d887)
c. Halfdan VII, co-King 873 (d885)
d. Gorm I "Enski" (d890)
e. Helgi III (d891), father of Gorm II "The Rich" (d894), [?] father
of Roger (d942)
19. Halfdan [VI] (d812) (above), bro of Canute I
a. Harold [VI] "Klak", a Danish king, deposed 827, afterwards was
Count of Rustringen, in Frisia (d843), father of three sons: (a) Rorek
(Hreoric) [id. with RURIK, "1st" Grand-Duke/King of Russia (872)
(d876)], (b) Sineus, & (c) Trevor
b. Ragnar [II] "The Raven", also called "Lodbrok" (d866) (below)
c. Godfred [II], father of (a) Oscar (Asgeir) (841/851-2, 856), (b)
Sidroc (851, d856), & (c) Bjorn, father of (a) Hoskuld (Askold) of
Kiev (d890), (b) Helgi (Oleg) of Kiev (d912), & (c) Hroald "Hrygg",
father of Bjorn, father of Hofda-Thord, Law-Man of Iceland
19. Godfred [II] (d814) (above), bro of Halfdan [VI] & Canute I
a. Eric I (Horik), King 836-854, father of (a) Eric II, King 854-869,
& (b) Edny (dau), wife of Olaf, a Swedish prince (859), the parents of
(a) Ring, (b) Chnob (Gnupa), & (c) Gurd (Gurth)
[note: Chnob (Gnupa) was the father of Sigtrygg (Sigerich), King of
Denmark 894-899, the father of Chnob (Gnupa) (d935), father of Cynthia
(Cyrid), wife of King Harold VIII/I "Blue-Tooth" of Denmark (d988/991)
b. Ragnar (d836)
c. Harold, father of (a) Guthorm (Gudurm), claimant (d854), (b) Rudolf
(Rolf) (d873), & (c) Godfred (d855)
[note: Rudolf (Rolf (d873), was the father of (a) Hreoric (d882)
[father of Knut (d894)], (b) Sigfrid (874) [father of Guthorm [II],
King of East Anglia 902-916, father of (a) son, killed 916, & (b) son,
expelled 916], and (c) Godfred (d885), who, of his wife, Gisela, dau
of the HRE Lothaire II, begot Ragnhild (dau), wife of Dietrich, Duke
of Saxony
d. Roerik (Rorekr) (d844)
e. Olaf III "Enski" (856), father of (a) Frode X "Friske", (b) Godfred
III (d8XX), & (c) Helgi [II] "Keen", father of Sigurd (Sigfrid) "Hart"
(d891), father of (a) Guthorm [or Gorm] (dc916) & Ragnhild (dau), wife
of Halfdan "Svarte" of Norway (d863)
issue of Ragnar [II] "The Raven", also called "Lodbrok" (d866)
a. Ivar "Boneless", called "King of England" 867; [II]-King of Dublin
871; [I]-King of York 872 (d873) (below)
b. Sigfrid, King of York 873-876 (below)
c. Halfdan, called "King of England" 871; King of Dublin 875; York 876
d. Bagsecg, general (d871)
e. Guthorm, called "King of England 874, King of East Anglia 880-890/2
f. Anwend, general (878)
g. Oscytel, general (878)
h. Bjorn (d872)
i. Godfred (d873) (below)
j. Hastein (Hasting), had issue
k. Ubbe (d878)
l. Thora (dau), wife of Ragnald "Heidum-Hari", a Norwegian king (850)
m. Alofa (dau), wife of Hunda Steinar, a Danish jarl in England (875)
n. Gytha (dau), wife of Eric VI "Vaderhatt", King of Sweden 859-882
issue of Ivar "Boneless", called "King of England" 867; [II]-King of
Dublin 871; [I]-King of York 872 (d873) (above)
a. Godfred (Guthfrith), King of York 877/883 (d894/5)
b. Sigfrid I, King of Dublin 883-888, father of (a) Olaf III, King of
Dublin (d896) & (b) Ivar II/III-King of Dublin 896-902 (d904), father
of Sihtric (Sigtrygg) III-King of Dublin 941-943, father of Ivar (975)
issue of Sigfrid, King of York 873-876 (above), by wife, Blaeja of
a. Hardeknut [Knut] [Hardegon], King of York 896-899, King of Denmark
899-902, father of GORM III "GRANDAVEUS", ie., "THE GREAT" [or "Gamle"
[= "The Old"], usu. reck'd as the founder of the medieval Danish
kingdom, King of Denmark 902-936
b. Edred (d902), father of (a) Ingvar, co-king of York 902-910, (b)
Halfdan [II], co-king of York 902-910, & (c) Eowils, co-king of York
issue of Guthorm, called "King of England 874, King of East Anglia
a. Eohric, King of East Anglia 890/2-902, father of Ragnhild (dau),
6th wife of Harald I "Harfager", "1st" King of Norway 872-930 (d933)
b. Harold "Parc" (d894), who, by wife, Elgive of England, begot TYRE
"DANEBOT", wife of GORM III "GRANDAVEUS", King of Denmark
issue of Godfred (d873) (above), bro of Ivar "Boneless", Sigfrid,
Halfdan, Guthorm, etc.
a. Olaf II "The Young", King of Dublin 888 (d894)
b. Ivar (d883), father of (a) Sihtric (Sigtrygg) I, King of Dublin
888-893, 894-896, & (b) Godfred (d884), father of (a) Ragnald, King of
York 912-914 & 919-921, who had issue (b) Sihtric (Sigtrygg) "Gale" or
"Caoch", King of Dublin 917, York 921 (d 927), who had issue, & (c)
Godfred (Gorree), King of Isle of Man 918; King of Dublin 920,
Waterford 921; York 927 (d934), who had issue

compiled by David Hughes

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