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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Re: Melisande de Coucy, wife of Hugh de Gournay
Date: 2 Jul 2004 14:57:04 -0700
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Dear Newsgroup ~

As a followup to my earlier post on the Coucy and Gournay families, I
thought I'd post a partial list of the enormous number of 17th Century
New World immigrants who descend from Mélisande (or Millicent) de
Coucy, 2nd wife of Hugh de Gournay. As I indicated in my last post,
Mélisande (or Millicent) de Coucy possesses illustrious Continental
and Carolingian ancestry.

Robert Abell, Dannett Abney, Elizabeth Alsop, William Asfordby,
Barbara Aubrey, Christopher Batt, Anne Baynton, Essex Beville, Richard
& William Bernard, William Bladen, George & Nehemiah Blakiston, Joseph
Bolles, Thomas Booth, Elizabeth Bosvile, George, Giles & Robert Brent,
Thomas Bressey, Nathaniel Burrough, Elizabeth Butler, Edward Carleton,
Charles Calvert, Jeremy Clarke, William Clopton, John Culpeper, St.
Leger Codd, Francis Dade, Humphrey Davie, Jane, Frances, & Katherine
Deighton, Edward Digges, Thomas Dudley, John Fenwick, John Fisher,
Henry Fleete, Edward Foliot, Muriel Gurdon, Mary Gye, Elizabeth & John
Harleston, Warham Horsmanden, Anne Humphrey, Henry Isham, Edmund
Jennings, Edmund & Matthew Kempe, Mary Launce, Hannah, Samuel & Sarah
Levis, Thomas Ligon, Nathaniel Littleton, Henry, Jane & Nicholas Lowe,
Gabriel, Roger & Sarah Ludlow, Agnes Mackworth, Anne, Elizabeth & John
Mansfield, Elizabeth Marshall, Anne Mauleverer, Richard More, Joseph &
Mary Need, John Nelson, Philip & Thomas Nelson, Thomas Owsley, John
Oxenbridge, Herbert Pelham, Robert Peyton, Williamd & Elizabeth Pole,
Henry & William Randolph, George Reade, William Rodney, Thomas
Rudyard, Katherine Saint Leger, Richard Saltonstall, William Skepper,
Diana & Grey Skipwith, Mary Johanna Somerset, John Stockman, James
Taylor, Samuel & William Torrey, Jemima Waldegrave, John & Lawrence
Washington, Olive Welby, John West, Thomas Wingfield, Mary Wolseley,
Hawte Wyatt, Henry Wyche.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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> Dear Newsgroup ~
> As I was going through Leo van de Pas' great genealogics website this
> past month, I noticed that Millicent de Cantelowe, wife of Eudes la
> Zouche (died 1279), was missing a link to some of her distinguished
> Continental and Carolingian ancestry through the Gournay and Coucy
> families. My files show that Millicent's paternal grandmother,
> Millicent de Gournay, is the daughter of Hugh de Gournay, seigneur of
> Gournay-en-Brie, by his 2nd wife, Mélisande (or Millicent), daughter
> of Thomas de Coucy (or de Marle), seigneur of Coucy, Marle, de la Fere
> and Boves, Count of Amiens, by his 2nd wife, Mélisande, daughter and
> heiress of Guy de Montlhery, Chatelain de la Ferte. I see that Leo
> correctly notes that Thomas de Marle, sire de Coucy, had unnamed
> daughter who married Hugues de Gournay. However, this couple are not
> connected to Millicent de Cantelowe's ancestry.
> As for evidence of Hugh de Gournay's marriage to Melisande de Coucy, I
> can refer Leo and other newsgroup readers to the following source:
> Monumenta Germaniae Historica SS XIII (1881): 253
> Genealogiæ Scriptoris Fusniacensis
> "Predicta Thomas de Marla, dimissa sorore comitis Balduini, iunxit
> sibi uxorem cuiusdam militis de terra Ambianensi nomine Milesendem,
> que peperit ei Ingelrannum de Marla et Robertum Bovensem et filiam
> nomine matris appellatam, que maritum habuit Hugonem de Gornai dominum
> eiusdein loci."
> I've copied below my file account of Hugh de Gournay and his wife,
> Mélisande (or Milicent) de Coucy. Mélisande is specifically named as
> Hugh de Gournay's wife in published charters in the Cartulary of
> Missenden Abbey, which source I have cited in my references.
> Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
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> 3. HUGH DE GOURNAY, seigneur of Gournay-en-Brie, Gaillefontaine, etc.,
> and, of Caister, Norfolk, Mapledurham, Oxfordshire, born about 1091
> (of full age in 1112). During his minority, he was raised by King
> Henry I and his lands were administered by Drew de Monceaux, his
> step-father. He married (lst) BEATRICE DE VERMANDOIS, daughter of
> Hugh le Grand, Count of Vermandois and Valois, Count of Amiens and
> Crepy, by Alix, daughter and heiress of Herbert IV, Count of
> Vermandois and Valois. They had one son, Hugh (died young). He
> joined Stephen, Count of Aumale, and others in 1118, in an attempt to
> place William Clito, son of Robert, Duke of Normandy, on the throne.
> He seised the castle of Plesssis and ravaged Norman terrritory. King
> Henry I crushed the revolt at Noyon in 1119, after which he submitted
> and was pardoned. In 1134 King Stephen granted him the manors of
> Wendover, Buckinghamshire and Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire. His wife,
> Beatrice, was living in 1144. In the period, 1147/55, he witnessed a
> charter for his nephew, Roger de Mowbray. In 1147 he accompanied King
> Louis VII of France to the Holy Land. This crusade was unsuccessful
> and returned in 1149. He married (2nd) MILLICENT (or MELISENDE) DE
> COUCY, widow of Aleaume Fitz Adam, Governor of the Citadel of Amiens,
> daughter of Thomas de Coucy (or de Marle) (descendant of Charlemagne),
> seigneur of Coucy, Marle, de la Fere and Boves, Count of Amiens, by
> his 2nd wife, Melisende de Crecy, daughter and heiress of Guy de
> Montlhery, Chatelain de la Ferte. They had two sons, Gerard and Hugh,
> and one daughter, Aidieve (wife of Nicholas de Stuteville, of
> Kimberley, Norfolk). He and his 2nd wife were benefactors of the
> Abbey of Bec. They founded the Abbey of Gaillefontaine in the period,
> 1144/64. HUGH DE GOURNAY died in 1181, said to be "very old." His
> wife survived him.
> Daniel Gurney, Record of the House of Gournay (1848), pp. 22, 84-127,
> 754, 763, 779. Monumenta Germaniae Historica SS XIII (1881): 251-256
> (Genealogiæ Scriptoris Fusniacensis). Desc. Catalogue of Ancient
> Deeds 6 (1915): 279. Bedfordshire Historical Record Society 7 (1922):
> 153-157; 19 (1937): charts fol. pg. 99. Oxfordshire Record Society 7
> (1925): 7-15. J. G. Jenkins, Cartulary of Missenden Abbey 1 (1938):
> 164-165, 188; 3 (1962): 13, 15, 16. C. T. Clay, Early Yorkshire
> Charters 9 (1952): 42, 45-47. Paget (1957), 266: 1-4 (sub Gurnay).
> D. E. Greenway, Charters of the Honour of Mowbray, 1107-1191 (pub.
> 1972), pg. 142 (charter dated 1147/55 issued by Roger de Mowbray
> witnessed by "Hugone de Gurnai avunculo meo [my uncle]." West Winter,
> Descendants of Charlemagne (800-1400) (1987): XII.21.

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