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Subject: [OT] Was Jesus married was Re: Hapsburgs
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 12:48:40 EDT

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> The only point which I find interesting in this
> discussion is: if Yehoshua ben Yussef was a rabbi, he
> had to be married - with children, for these meant
> God's blessings over his marriage. So...
> (Of course I know this is in contradiction with the
> Gospels; I'm just pointing this out.)
> fa

I think what you mean is "is not in contradiction". Pious usage does not
equate to literal fact.
The fact that the gospels do not say anywhere "Jesus wife came and said..."
is on equal footing with the fact that they do not say "Opposed to regular
custom, Jesus never married..."

The simple fact is, we do not know. To state that he did or didn't without
any supporting indication is not good analysis IMHO.
Will Johnson

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