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Subject: Re: Jesus
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 14:43:02 EDT

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Which of course immediately invalidates all early Christian writings as well.

ABSOLUTELY! Only writings by non-interested parties can be fully accepted
as valid. If I am going to ask you for support by printing a book showing
that you should give me support, I must supply something other than my own book
to convince you. Or are you a real sucker?

Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas


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> writes:
>Leaving aside the question of what "ancient" means, Will is certainly
>right as opposed to Jared's simplistic "Nope" - Islam is doucmented in
>the Quran, and moreover oral tradition is not to be lightly dismissed in
>the Arab world, where by rigorous standards of comparison this has been
>more consistently & securely practiced as the basis of education than
>almost anywhere else in the world.
>Peter Stewart
>The Koran is a tome which was written to further the progress of Islam.
>such it cannot be considered to be "documentation" of Islam. It is merely

>Islamic propaganda. No book constructed by the religion it is promoting
>ever be accepted as "proof" of anything what so ever.
>Gordon Hale
>Grand Prairie, Texas

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