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From: (Jared Linn Olar)
Subject: Re: Jesus
Date: 19 Jul 2004 12:13:30 -0700
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Mr. Hartog has entirely missed my point. I am not arguing whether or
not the teachings of Christianity are true -- the discussion that Mr.
Hartog would like to initiate is entirely off-topic here. I am merely
stating what the overwhelming majority of specialists in the field
accept --that the first century writings of the first Christians were
written in the first century, and that the non-Christian writers who
mention Christ and Christianity did in fact mention Christ and
Christianity. Doubting the existence of Jesus and His execution under
Pontius Pilate is a wacko fringe opinion exactly akin to flat earthism
or chariots-of-the-gods "scholarship."

I hold the same appraisal of attempts to demonstrate a medieval
genealogical link to Jesus or His kin -- though it's always fun to

Jared Linn Olar

(Dirk Hartog) wrote in message news:<>...
> Is the Bhagavad-Gita evidence that the Krishna myths are true? If
> not, why not?
> Is the Kitab-i-Aqudas evidence that the Bahai myths are true? If not,
> why not?
> Is the Book of Mormon evidence that the LDS myths are true? If not,
> why not?

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