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From: richard field <>
Subject: Re: Jesus
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:32:07 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Barrie and all,
With respect, and with respect to the post of Barrie
Wright on the accuracy of the NT, I would like to
point out that none other than American President
Thomas Jefferson, a cousin of mine, examined the New
Testament and eliminated the parts the he felt were
fiction. The result was a book variously titled as
"The Philospophy of Jesus" or "The Life and Morals of
Jesus" that is one-tenth the length of the original;
ie, he found that 90% of the NT was fiction. In my
studies, lost since my puker HD crashed, I feel that
50-90% of the NT is fiction. I understand if you do
not hold as high opinion of Th. Jefferson as the
average American does. He is credited with writing the
American Declaration of Independence, and had many
qualities now spoken of as "A Renaissance Man". I have
an electronic copy of this Jefferson book and will
gladly send to any who ask, unless prevented by the
following: The Life and Morals of Jesus 1999 by
Eyler Robert Coates, Sr.
richard field
houston, tx

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 14:10:30 +0930
From:"Barrie J. Wright" <>
Subject:Re: Jesus

While it may be true that King Arthur and The Grail
stories appeal to
many on the list who are irritated by the many 'Jesus'
posts, there is
provable relevance to genealogical study in the latter
- if it is
that the
useful issue to be discussed here is the value of
ancient texts as
There have in recent years been a lot of posts on the
'Blood and Grail
all of which both discount the value of the New
Testament as an
account of Jesus' and his followers' careers, and
propose outlandish
alternatives with various claimed genealogical
These books set bad standards for accepting evidence
in every case,
in my opinion.<snip>

King Arthur Lives? So does Jesus, but with much
better textual
I and others are not trying to 'settle' anyone's
belief, Francisco and
only to point out ground rules for fair and relevant
comment on

Barrie Wright
South Australia

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